Party President’s Message to the People of Sikkim

Respected Citizens of Sikkim,

Let me extend warm greetings to you in this bright spring month even as buds sprout and new leaves take shape in our forests and fields heralding a new beginning.

It is election time once again signifying another new beginning. We are here to seek your mandate for another term. Therefore, it is crucial to reflect on our own achievements.

What and how much work has been achieved during the last 15 years? How many promises given to the people before 1994 have been kept? What kind of changes have come up in the material and mental development in the Sikkimese people especially the youth? How much capacity and capability of our people, especially the youth, have been built? How much easy, contended, and healthy have the lives of the Sikkimese people become? How much happiness and welfare have the poor received? Where kind of lifestyle the Sikkimese people have attained thus far? What kind of protection the people of Sikkim have received from our Government? How many people have got jobs and employment opportunities? How good are our roads, electricity and water supply? These and other such critical questions need to be answered at this point.

In a democracy we are answerable to the people. We are accountable.

We appeal for your involvement to seek answers from the SDF Party so they become an important part of the democratic institutionalization process thereby ushering in a progressive and responsible tradition in Sikkim.

For seventeen years now the Sikkim Democratic Front Party has withstood all the trials and tribulations of leading the Sikkimese people without compromising the principles on which the party is founded. Much more, we have not let down the trust reposed on us by you the people. We have not strayed in any other direction, constantly upholding our pro-poor policies and worked towards the overall development of Sikkim.

Unlike other parties and leaders we have not changed our party, our principles, our colour or our flag. We are still a Sikkimese Party, a regional Party. We have remained steadfast in the principles on which we are founded and will continue to do so for generations to come. We recognize that keeping politics free from undesirable, criminal and anti social elements is a huge responsibility. In fact it is a major problem in other parts of India. We have been able to do this thus far with the support of the people.

We have devoted ourselves to fulfill the aspirations and expectations of the people through well thought out development programs constantly upholding democratic ideals and empowering our people, both young and old, men and women and from all walks of life.

We have restored the true spirit of democracy and allowed it to flourish in the best possible and dignified manner.

We are still struggling against those elements who do not value the principles of the SDF party. In a Parliamentary democracy the power of the people is paramount. People have handed this power to our party to run the Government for the last fifteen years. We have done so unflinchingly. We have been able to lay the foundation of a new Sikkim against all adds through deep struggle. It is not easy to build and develop a modern, peaceful and prosperous Sikkim and yet we have persevered against all adds.

On the one hand we have been toiling day and night for ushering sustainable development and on the other hand our ideological struggle is on against anti democratic and anti people forces.

Sikkim is poised today on the threshold of attaining comprehensive development. We will attain this by 2015. Thus, the development pace generated is not to be delayed or derailed. This pace has to be sustained and continued. Above all, we in Sikkim must be delighted that we are above the economists’ narrow definition of development via per capita GDP. We have built strong social capital through our process of development and vision. We will continue to have a broader meaning of development in the years to come keeping the happiness content of our citizens upper most in our minds. Central to human happiness and well being is good health.

It is our mission that every citizen of this State will become healthy, aware, capable, wealthy, wise and above all happy.

In the field of hydro power projects, in promotion of responsible tourism, organic farming, industry, floriculture and horticulture we have spared no effort. The results are there for everyone to see. We have also prepared the capacity and human resources to commercialize these sectors that have begun in all earnest. The people of Sikkim should benefit from all the opportunities that are being created thorough the development process. Accordingly we have framed stringent laws and guidelines toward this end which we are administering strictly.

Changes in professionalism due to globalization are taking place rapidly and we need to take cognizance of this. Capable people are highly are valued and their demand grows. In addition to giving a huge thrust to good education we have created the Directorate of capacity Building to enable our youth to take advantage in this scenario. They have been tasked to conduct sufficient and effective training programs to ensure that our youth build the capacity to soak up the opportunities that arise due to the rapid pace of development.

Our womenfolk have been emancipated from drudgery and traditional hardships. They are now empowered and given enough opportunity to grow in their own right. Women are encouraged to do all creative work and develop opportunity with self respect and indeed their golden era has started. We are also satisfied that we have achieved this because now the Sikkimese women are free to attain their social, economic and political aspirations through this empowering process.

Decentralization and devolution of power and the empowerment of the rural people which we had started in the 20th century has now been fully achieved. We have set an example for the country by institutionalizing the Panchayati Raj Systems. We have received accolades in this regard. However, we still have to promote decision making power to be taken at the grassroots level. We have to free the people from the clutches of the anti people and anti social elements who do not allow the grassroots people to take decisions. Sikkimese rural people are now participating in every project. 70 percent of the annual State budget is being in the rural areas. This is now a norm.

When we took over the governance of the State in 1994 the State was fully dependent. Sikkim was not even able to run fro two months from the annual budget. The finances were so poor. We started working hard to make Sikkim a self reliant state. From our own and natural resources and utilizing it we proudly announce that our revenue will be by Rs. 1,200 Crores by 2014.

Thus, we become self reliant on one hand and on the other hand in the national tourism map we will become number one. And we will be able to provide 5,000 MW to the nation. The people of Sikkim will supply fruits and flowers to the national and international market.

We have been successful in making Sikkim a member of the North Eastern Council. We have been successful in keeping Sikkimese free from Income Tax. The Limboo Tamang communities are now part of the Scheduled Tribe. We have recognized Newar, Bahun and Chettri communities as OBC in the State and recommended and we have sent it to Central List as well.

We have constituted the Burman Commission which has recommended that all Sikkimese be brought under the scheduled tribe category. The Legislative Assembly has passed the Burman Commission recommendations and we have sent it to Centre for giving due recognition. This process has started on a strong note.

In every filed Sikkim’s name has become a house-hold one. National leaders, administrators and eminent national intellectuals appreciate the development achievements of Sikkim. Thus naturally Sikkim has been conferred with many national and international awards for economic, social and political development of the people.

In the present scenario there are many administrators and managers but principle centered leadership is very scare. The kind of leadership that is needed is one which gives vision, opportunity and hope to the people. Appropriate guidance is absent. Principled centered leadership is absent.

My respected fellow citizens, it is important for the people of Sikkim to get the right leadership. We say with confidence that the SDF Party will continue to provide exemplary leadership. Our past has indeed improved the economic and social condition of the people.

We have to admit that the Sikkimese people have supported us fully to fight against undesirable elements. Their unstinted support has enabled us to carry on with our creative grassroots politics to attain massive milestones in our march towards full development.

I therefore salute the people’s awareness, wisdom and whole hearted support.

As is clear to all, I have kept the promise of not having a single member of my family joining in politics and will continue to do so. We know from the past deeds of others and as is evident even in the national scene, grooming of family members by those in position of power is all pervasive. This in politics is another form of corruption.

Now, we have arrived at a decisive moment at this time. We are confident of your vote and we will win with thumping majority. However, we have to translate this victory into a decisive one. The revolution we have started is not merely to form the government but to eradicate the obstructions that are posed by anti people and anti democratic forces. This will enable us to give good governance and freedom to the people. Only then will real democracy be ushered in. Only then will the conspirators, oppressors and communal elements be sidelined.

So this is the time for choice and the time of electing a good and safe party to govern Sikkim. We come to you from a position of strength wherein as outlined before we have shown and delivered on all the promises made to you before.

We at SDF Party are committed to an ever-green, modern, food and water secure, prosperous and self reliant Sikkim. No effort will be spared to transform our youth into responsible citizens of the future through good health, education and capability building. Our three pillars of development for the future are growth with equity, cost and green effectiveness and excellence in terms of quality and delivery. Vote us in on this plank.

Please read our manifesto wherein we have detailed the mission and challenges that we will undertake towards this end.

Please remember that we are a party that was founded in Sikkim, is for the Sikkimese identity and for a great sikkimese future. We stand steadfast.

I am before you all, my respected fellow citizens, in all humility and I would like to reiterate that my political ideology and philosophy is not just to win the elections and to garner yours support. Politics is a platform for positive societal transformation. I am present in the political arena with my core political ideology which ids to create better opportunities and future for all our citizens. Ensuring, alongside for the people supreme freedom, prosperity, peace and happiness. This is my ultimate and honest mission. Therefore, I am confident that you have understood our mission and ideology and that you will vote as earlier, giving a resounding mandate to the SDF Party. You will show your complete support for this all important mission by participating in this electoral process. I am fully confident of your continued support.

I dedicate this manifesto to the people of Sikkim in the 21st Century.

A revolutionary salute to the people of Sikkim

Jai Sikkim, Jai Sikkimme Janta

Pawan Chamling
President, The Sikkim Democratic Front Party,
Gangtok, March 2009


  1. SDF is the first regional political party in the country to provide non-controversial and stable government.
  2. After remaining in power for 15 years, our Chief Minister kept his integrity and not discredited the people of Sikkim.
  3. We are sincere and steadfast in our words, ideology and conduct.
  4. SDF government has made Sikkim one of the most progressive states in the country. The number of awards that we have received is an indication of national recognition of our effort.
  5. Steps are afoot to uproot poverty through initiation of schemes in areas like housing, education, health, and employment generation.
  6. Rural upliftment has been given paramount importance by undertaking various welfare schemes. Our government has eased the urban-rural disparities to a great extent by setting up urban facilities at the grass root level. Seventy per cent of state plan budget has been earmarked for rural welfare measures.
  7. All old issues with regard to the state of Sikkim have been settled. Sikkim has been integrated into the NEC, Nathula trade route is opened, tribal status has been granted to Limbus and Tamangs, with the inclusion of Chettri-Bahun-Newar-Sanyasis in the list of OBC and the resultant facilities, all Nepalese communities have been recognized as OBC.
  8. Our government has established fully transparent and responsible governance. People’s rule is fully established.
  9. Our government guaranteed full political protection of the Sikkimese people and economic freedom and equality. Tenets of social justice are fully instituted.
  10. Massive work has been done to establish physical connectivity connecting every village with every other village with road.
  11. The SDF government has accomplished historical achievement in area like women empowerment. We have successfully implemented our policy to distribute all welfare schemes in the names of our mothers and sisters.
  12. Sikkim has established itself as one of the pioneering status to carry out power decentralization to the grass root. Rule of the rural people has been practically put to practice.
  13. Nowhere I country is there any such schemes like free distribution of school uniform, text books and exercise books. The SDF government is the first government in the country to successfully implement this scheme in Sikkim.
  14. Our government is the first government to give poor people the very first chance in the distribution of welfare schemes.
  15. Conservation and preservation of environment is the first priority of the SDF government.
  16. Our government has brought about evolution in material, cultural and spiritual development of the Sikkimese people.
  17. The SF government has provided to the government employees the freedom to conduct themselves in a fully democratic environment. Today, Sikkimese employees are the best paid employees in the entire country. Our government has affected a record increase in their salary structure by over 300 per cent. We have also given promotion to them on a historical scale.
  18. Education and health facilities have been made easily accessible to the Sikkimese people.
  19. Employment avenues have been created for the educated unemployed. The government has provided for a wide rage of means and opportunities to the people to take up business and private entrepreneurship.
  20. During fifteen years in office, our leader has matched his words with deeds. His work and achievements amply reflect his immense love and respect for the people all these years. Our revered leaders has not changed – in his simplicity, transparency, humility – very much like yesterday. Neither the “chair” altered him nor power made him conceited. Our leader is committed as ever, humble. Hardworking, thinking and giving – living in harmony with the ordinary Sikkimese and sharing together in their sorrows and joys.
  21. Neither has SDF bartered its flag nor has it changed its party and colour. We have fulfilled the promises given to the people and will continue to do so to make Sikkim a fully developed State by 2015.

Please remember that we are a party that was founded in Sikkim, is for the Sikkimese identity and for a great Sikkimese future. We stand steadfast.

Our Pledge

On behalf of the Sikkim Democratic Front party, all candidates pledge before the Sikkimese people that we would be fully committed to address and fulfill all the issues raised in this Manifesto. No personal interest or self-seeking mative will come in our way and dilute our endeavor to fulfill the promises and aspirations of the people. We shall stand unruffled under the SDF tri-colour flag with a complete sense of devotion and sacrifice to accomplish our mission.

In order to realize the dream of ‘ Naya Sikkim Sukhi sikkim’ of our respected party President and friend of the masses, Dr. Pawan Chamling, we rededicate ourselves in our mind, body, thought, word and deed to support the cause undertaken by him. We shall never betray the people.

We shall humble accept the public mandate and continue to commit ourselves to selfless public service to Sikkim and India.

All candidates of the Sikkim democratic front Party

Political and Ideological Stand

Complete sageguard under Article 371 F of the constitution of India for the people of Sikkim:
Security to all the people of Sikkim is ensured by the provisions under Article 371 F of the Constitution of India. We have been successful to ensure the administration of full political rights of the people as per this Constitutional provision. Furthermore, we will protect and uphold these provisions so that it is not tampered with or diluted in letter and spirit.
We are fully protected under the spirit of the Article taking into account the feelings and aspirations of the people, inserted in the Constitution at the time of Sikkim’s merger with the Indian Union. Today, this Article has become more explicit and strongly expressed. We will continue to see that these provisions are fully used to enhance the protection under this part of the constitution of India.

Sikkim’s Special Constitutional Provision and character will be fully utilized:
We will ensure complete enforcement of all constitutional provisions protecting the interests and identity of Sikkim and the people. Sikkim as the constituent State of the Indian Union is protected by special constitutional provision as a special category State. The especial constitutional rights and privileges granted to the Sikkimese Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepalese is fully safeguarded. The SF party will continue to ensure protection and promote the special constitutional provision with respect to the State of Sikkim in terms of safeguarding the political, social, economic and constitutional rights of the Sikkimese people. Our government shall in this way continue to upload the dignity and honour of the Sikkimese people.

Safeguard of democratic institution:
A democratic system is the only way of achieving the overall development of the Sikkimese people. That is why we are running the government in the true spirit of a democratic system. We have always upheld the democratic rights, dignity and honour of the people and we will continue to do so.
We will create a positive atmosphere for the establishment of a democratic state in all its nuances. We will continue to guarantee people’s rights of freedom of expression and belief. People are today free to speak, write and assemble anywhere without any fear and intimidation. We have taken upon ourselves as prime duty to uphold this principle.
In fact, it was the SDF government which restored the full spirit and meaning of democracy in the State in 1994. It was again the SDF government which began the culture of investing government’s resources and means for the welfare of the people in an equitable manner with its pro poor policies with resounding success.

Continued democratization of our State:
To develop Sikkim into a fully modern and developed state, we will implant the democratic values, culture and norms in the collective psyche of the Sikkimese people. We will promote awareness and capability to make the Sikkimese people the master of the society and the state. We have come here fighting against autocratic tendencies of the regimes of the past. Today we are fighting a decisive war against the anti-democratic forces. We must and will defeat all such forces in the coming elections.
We will fully safeguard people’s rights and human rights. We will set an example in the country to show that there is no force more powerful than that of the people.

Democratic Values, culture and tradition to be institutionalized:
In the coming days we will establish Sikkim as a fully developed modern State wherein again democratic values, culture and tradition will be fully institutionalized. We want to make the people masters and protectors through awareness and capability building. The principle of making the people the masters will be formulated in democratic Sikkim. We are against the dictatorship, against those who are anti democratic and anti people elements. In the elections we are going to destroy these reactionary powers.
We are going to protect the rights and human values for the people of Sikkim. There is no greater power than people in this world and we are going to realize this dream in the not so distant future.

Protection of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people – our primary concern:
In the last fifteen years, our government has consistentky worked for political rights, economic betterment, social upliftment and educational advancement of the people. Together with preserving the distinct of the Sikkimese people, we will continue to safeguard the rights, dignity and respect. All necessary steps will be taken up for development, progress and security of the local Sikkimese people. We will hold discussion and debate from time to time to fine the best way out to serve them. We will take various measures to work for the welfare as per the Constitution.

Safeguarding the spirit of secularism:
There is equality and freedom of religion and religious practice of all classes and communities in the state. We have guaranteed full freedom of faith and belief to all our people. Every one can exercise his or her Constitutional and legal rights to follow his or her own faith and religion.
The SDF party will continue to adopt the same policy to respect all religions and sageguard the spirit of secularism. We have fully established what is often referred to us unity in diversity dictum in the state. Secularism is central in founding principles of the SDF party. We will continue to uphold secularism in the State giving protection to all communities and religious groups.

Complete safeguard of constitutional rights and privileges of the minority Bhutia – Lepcha community:
We have guaranteed full safeguard of the political, economic, social and traditional rights of the minority Bhutia Lepcha communities in the state. We have not allowed anything that may dilute the special provision with regard to their political protection. We will continue to safeguard their constitutional rights and privileges.
We shall make a strong case for recognition of Bhutia, Lepcha and Limboo languages as the modern indigenous languages by the Sahitya Akademy which would then be used to include these three languages of Sikkim in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

The Burman Commission Recommendation – Sikkimese Nepali Community will be accorded Scheduled Tribe Status and Sikkim to be declared a Tribal State:
Our commitment to protect the political rights of all the Sikkimese people will continue to be our watchword. We are going to protect and allow all the communities to enjoy equal political, economic and social rights, in accordance with the recommendation of the Burman Commission which will be implemented in full in Sikkim.
The Limboo and Tamang communities of Sikkim have already been awarded the Scheduled Tribe status. Now from the left over Sikkimese Nepali communities to be accorded this Scheduled Tribe status are Bahun, Chettri, Newar, Jogi, Sanyasi, Rai, Guring, Mangar, Bhujel, Sunuwar, Yakha, Dewan, Mukhia etc.
According to the recommendation of the Commission all these Sikkimese Nepali communities of Sikkim will be given Scheduled Tribe Status. Furthermore, the State of Sikkim will be declared as a Tribal State.

All rights, privileges and protection accorded to Sikkimese Bhutia Lepcha communities will be fully protected:
All the rights, privileges and protection accorded to the Sikkimese Bhutia Lepcha communities will continue to be fully protected by our Government. The twelve seats provided in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly for the Sikkimese Bhutia Lepcha communities will continue to be protected for eternity.
The Burman Commission has further protected and strengthened their rights and privileges.

The Sikkimese Limboo and Tamang communities will be provided seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly:
The Burman Commission recommendation has strengthened the seat reservation demand for the Sikkimese Limboo and Tamang communities who already have been accorded the status of scheduled tribes. In the next term we will provide the seat reservation in the Sikkim Legislative Assmebly for these communities on the basis of their population census.

Lepcha Community is recognized as ‘primitive (indigenous)’ Tribe of Sikkim:
Our Government has recognized the Lepcha community as a ‘primitive (indigenous)’ Tribe of Sikkim. For this we have passed a resolution in the Legislative Assembly. Guring the next term we are going to take up this matter at the Central Level to ensure that this is also recognized at the National level.

Adequate representation to the Sikkimese people in the Parliament:
We will place our demand with the central government to fulfill the aspiration of the Sikkimese people to enhance the number of seats in the State Legislative Assembly from the existing 32 to 40 and 2 each in both Houses of Parliament from the present 1 each. Our Members of Parliament shall also work to fulfill this demand.

Complete safeguard of Revenue Order No. 1 and all old laws in Sikkim:
In the last fifteen years we have guaranteed complete safeguard of all old laws pertaining to Sikkim as provided under Article 371 F (k) of the Constitution. The anti-people government of the yesteryears had infringed upon the very basis of Revenue Order No. 1. Our government has now given explicit protection to this old law. The earlier government had done away with the traditional ‘Dzumsa’ and ‘Pipon’ system in North Sikkim. We have restored the system to maintain and protect our history, tradition and culture.
We will continue to protect all old laws of Sikkim including the Revenue Order No.1. We will further deliberate on various measures that would best protect the interests and rights of the Sikkimese people and if necessary, we will bring pro-people legislation to this effect.

Reservation in Education and Appointments:
Our Government has strengthened the mechanism of reservation of seats. This will be further enlarged. Based on the population census, reservation for Scheduled Tribes in higher education and employment will be 31 percent; for reservation for Scheduled Castes 6 percent; for MBC 21 percent; for OBC 21 percent. And for Limboo and Tamang community as scheduled tribes will be given 15 percent separately. In the higher education the Old Business Community will be provided 5 percent reservation. In employment for the Sikkimese women 30 percent reservation will be provided.. In similar vein for women 40 percent reservation in the Panchayats is provided. For ex-servicemen, physically challenged and sports persons reservation in Government service is provided. In addition to this our Government will make appropriate laws and regulations to fully protect the rights and interests for the people of Sikkim.
We will discuss and debate on the best options to give equal protection to the Sikkimese Nepalese along with other communities of Bhutia Lepcha. We will fully protect all laws which reflect our identity and our individuality. We shall discuss and deliberate on the matter to enact legislation and provide for alienation/sale/transfer of land belonging to Nepali communities except amongst the Nepali communities only.

Complete safeguard of dignity of Sikkimese Bhutia, Lepcha, Nepali and the old businessmen and traders:
The first responsibility of our government is to safeguard the identity and dignity of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people. Our government through its pro people policies and programs has won many accolades which has enhanced the images of Sikkim at the national and international level.
Our business community has contributed immensely towards the overall development of our State. This has been made possible by their hard work in an atmosphere of peace and security which has been provided by our Government. Their hard work has been recognized by our Government and citations and awards have been given to several prominent and old citizens of the community. We will continue to adopt the same policy and shall protect their interest in the state. We have passed a resolution in the Legislative Assembly for exempting them from Central Income Tax by the Old Business Community. Our SDF Party has also ratified this stand with the support of the people of Sikkim.
In schools and colleges, they enjoy the same privileges at par with other communities in the state. Reservation is granted to them in higher studies. The same shall continue.

North-Eastern Council and Sikkim:
The inclusion of Sikkim in the North Eastern Council (NEC) is a truly exemplary achievement of our Government. After inclusion, we have benefited both economically and in terms of institutional support.
From NEC, we are getting Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 Crores annually as financial support for the development of State.
We have till date built up a good reputation with the NEC as well as good relations with all other North Eastern States. We are exporting our development paradigm as well as achievements which include a peaceful and law abiding citizen’s charter.
We will continue to foster good relations with NEC and the other North Eastern States.

Sikkimese politics shall remain free of criminals and power brokers:
We consider criminalization of politics to be last stage in the demise of a political party and its affiliated organizations. Therefore, our effort will continue to keep Sikkimese politics free from criminals and power brokers.

Our Government’s Holistic Approach to development:
Our Governemtn, in the next term, will sdopt a holistic as well as a realistic approach in development planning and policy formulation. What will our people do or innovate in terms of new livelihood generation will be a central theme in our program. Participatory approach will include the people and will form a huge and important part in our endeavour to realize our development goals. In this way the people will get empowered to realize their potential and responsibility. The Government will function only as a facilitator. In the process of policy making we will ensure that there is sufficient self introspection and situation analysis so that this holistic approach will be fulfilled. Moreover, the people will be empowered so that there is no more exploitation.

Development with quality – our top priority:
The next generation of development will be done in a manner that will ensure that every sector will be developed ensuring quality, with quality inputs and quality output. Our Government will continue its mission of imparting quality health to our people, quality education to our youth and increasing the capability and skills of all. This will ensure that they will be able to take up professional jobs, Infrastructure of all kinds will be of the highest quality for example all roads will be fully carpeted; all bridges will be permanent structures; stable electricity and high quality drinking water will be made available. All villages will have proper waste management and the protection of the environment will be fully secured. This will transform the quality of life of the people of Sikkim for the better ensuring a harmonious and happy society.

Decentralization and devolution of power shall be fully carried out:
Development in real sense is possible only when every single individual is part of the entire development process. With a view to involve every man in the whole development process and give it more dynamism, we have opted for power to the Sikkimese people. We have established the rule of the rural people. Now the villagers and the Panchayats are capable of running village administration. People will now have the power to prepare, sanction, supervise and implement various schemes in their own areas.

Government of the people is now fully realized:
Our government has taken a historica step to take away power from the oppressors and dictator and hand it over back to the people. We have death blow to the autocratic tendency of the previous government to hold on to power so that the poor are born to suffer. Today, people’s power determines how the State is governed. So much so that influenced by our pro-poor programs, policy and principle, even the oppressors have changed their tune to sing in favour of the poor people. We will continue to empower our people so that the autocrats may continue to bow down to them. The interest of the poor, their hopes and aspirations has been fully appreciated by our Party and we have succeeded in addressing them in many ways. This trend will continue forever.

People’s rule shall be made more vibrant and empowered:
We have guaranteed people’s participation in governance through the Panchayati Raj institution. Today, people are the master of their own destiny. Now we will concentrate on skill development measures for the Panchayats and people so that governance becomes effective and complete. Everyone shall be made accountable to their responsibility. In the next government, we will continue with the process of power decentralization, all programs and schemes shall be handed over to people for implementation at the village level. We will create opportunity and means in each village and make each village self-sufficient and self-possessed. We will hand over more power and responsibility to the people for the progress of the people.

Government of the grass root: rule of the rural people:
We have set up government offices at the Gram Panchayat level. We have set Block Development Offices and manned them with responsible officers. For speedy progress and easy access to a large number of facilities, we will make Panchayat office as the administrative centre for local governance. Thus, we will provide basic facilities from the Panchayat office itself.
Panchayats and rural people shall be made wholly responsible for rural development. We have elected Panchayats by holding Panchayat elections so that they can take care of development of their own village. They have also been empowered to undertake development schemes in village by earmarking financial package for them. As per the recommendations and suggestions of general public, the Panchayats shall undertake welfare scheme in the interest of the majority people. Rural schemes are prioritized as recommended by people at the gram sabhas. We have launched a state-wide campaign to build ‘ village by villagers themselves’. We will continue to grant more power to the people in the future.

Pro-poor and pro-people Government:
Since SDF party is the party of the poor, law-abiding and the democratic forces, the policy and programs of the party has always remained pro-people, pro-worker, pro-youth and pro-poor. Our politics is based on this principle and ideal, and we want to make politics clean so that society will benefit from this democratic exercise. We have been able to give to the oppressed and marginalized people, in all sectors, respect, social and political justice, right and dignity. While framing rules, we take care that such rules address hopes and aspirations of the weak and marginalized people, in all population. We have worked out plans and program in such a way that we secure rights for our poor and justice is done to them at all levels. We have always made our policies that go to serve the people and the poor people in particular. Pro-poor and pro-people principle shall be the basis of all politics in future.
We will continue to work for the marginalized communities within Sikkimese society. Many small communities do not have a voice in Government. We will be identifying them and giving them empowerment through mechanisms that exist and which will be specifically created.

Sikkim as flag bearer:
Sikkim will be the flag bearer among the natural resource endowed driven economies of India. Natural resources including water, magnificent beauty of the valleys and mountains, lakes, horticulture and floriculture, forest based products, medicines and herbs, minerals and human resources will be the mainstay of our development strategy.
We are of the firm conviction that in an independent nation like ours the term patriotism can no longer be understood in the traditional sense of winning independence. In the changed circumstances, we can reflect our patriotic spirit to contribute in our individual capacity to winning economic independence of the country. In the present context, every individual and institution can jointly contribute towards building economically strong and prosperous nation. We want to contribute by our own measures towards the development process of our state and the country as a whole.

Sikkim shall be economically self-reliant:
Our program and aim has always been to make Sikkim strong economically. We want to make every Sikkimese economically self-sufficient. We believe that unless we raise the income of people through improved production methods, the economy of Sikkim can not be improved in true sense. Immediately after we assumed power, we earmarked seventy percent of our budget for rural development. Along with studied development intervention, we provided to the poor people immediate relief packages. We launched some short-term schemes for meeting the immediate requirements of the poor and on the other hand we also initiated many long-term strategies based on our natural resources for the overall progress of the state of Sikkim. While we decided to tap on the huge natural potential of Sikkim, we have not compromised on our culture, tradition, faiths and environment. Today after fifteen years, we have seen a perceptible change in state economy and the state is far advanced on its path to self-sufficiency.
We have put development of hydro-power, natural resources, animal husbandry, horticulture, agriculture and small scale industries as our priorities. As a result, state economy is on a sound footing today. We will maintain this economic momentum and the make Sikkim fully self-sufficient in the near future.

Implementation of monitoring & evaluation mechanism:
The SDF party shall fully implement the Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms as recommended in the Report on the Monitoring and Evaluation submitted by the Council for Social Development, New Delhi. The state Planning Commission will be charged with implementing this very important program in the next term.

Sikkim to generate internal revenue of Rs. 1,200 Crores:
The Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) was Rs. 426 Crore in 1995. In 2007, we have improved the figure to Rs. 1,730 Crore at current prices. During the same period, the per capita income has also almost tripled from Rs.8,905 in 1995 to Rs. 29,561. With a growth rate of 10 percent during the Tenth Plan, Sikkim has shown impressive progress in fiscal terms. When we came to power in 1994, the state’s revenue was only Rs. 44.72 Crores today the same has gone up to Rs. 410 Crores for Tax and Non Tax Revenue and Grants in aid is at an impressive Rs. 975 Crores. By 2015, we intend to improve this figure to Rs. 1,500 Crores.
Fiscal deficit has been drastically brought down from 11 percent in 1999-2000 to 4 percent in 2002-03. Tax – GSDP ratio has increased from six percent in 1999-00 to nine percent in 2002-03 and non-Tax GSDP ratio from eight percent to 14 percent during the same period of time.
In the next government, we will increase our internal revenue to Rs. 1,200 Crores by 2014.

Central Excise Duties shall not be implemented in Sikkim:
The previous government put economic burden on the people of Sikkim through cigarette scandal and the Central government extended the Central Excise Duty in Sikkim. Our state incurred a loss amounting to Rs. 10 Crores, which otherwise would have been collected as tax revenue.
After Sikkim was made the member of NEC, we have been exempted from paying Central Excise Duty for the initial ten years. We shall maintain this status.

Exemption of Central Income Taxes to Sikkimese people:
The Sikkim Subject certificate holders have been exempted from paying Central Income Tax and this demand has been fulfilled by SDF Government during the last term. This achievement can be called historic as the demand was pending for a very long time. While protecting this achievement of securing exemption from the Central Income Tax, our Government has not lost sight of the genuine demand of Old Business Communities, old residents and old Government employees, both State and Centre. Our Government is seized of this problem and we are going to strongly plead for equal rights of the old business community of Sikkim.

Border Trade via Nathula – a historical achievement:
Our demand has been fulfilled by opening border trade between India and China through the traditional Nathula pass. An agreement has been reached between India and China to resume trade through Nathula. Sikkim will draw many economic benefits from this route. The Chief Minister, Shri Pawan Chamling played a very crucial role in this historical breakthrough. Border Trade with china via Nathula has now been operationalised. Though initially we shall strengthen all the facets of border trade, the long term idea would be to move to transit trade regime. Emphasis will be on integrating trade and service sector activities like tourism.

The SDF Government is committed to make every Sikkimese a Crorepati:
During the last 15 years of SDF led Government we have been able to provide all types of facilities to every Sikkimese which can be valued at saying that all Sikkimese have been made Lakhapatis. If we can utilize all the natural resources and other assets in a scientific and sustainable manner gaining profitability for which we have already prepared documents. Besides we have also prepared appropriate programs and policies. We are now on the path of progress. We do not want to make the people only consumers but they have to be producers for which we have already given them adequate facilities and infrastructure. With this policy we can give a new direction to the economy of Sikkim.
Sikkim comprises many villages and in order to make Sikkim a progressive State we have to take care of the rural people and their aspirations. For rural development we have already set aside 70 percent of the annual budget. We have also decentralized powers and we have given enough rights to the Panchayats and village administration. With these polices we are confident that the rural people will be vigilant and will work for their own success.
In order to raise the standard of living, the SDF Government has prepared many meaningful programs. Tourism, hydro projects, horticulture, animal husbandry, agriculture, trade and other sectors are prioritized. With the implementation of all these programs we are going to make every Sikkimese a Crorepati.

Rural participation has been ensured in the development process:
Our party President Dr. Pawan Chamling maintains that unless we bring out improvement in the life of our rural poor, meaningful development of society and the country is impossible. Therefore, welfare of poor and the downtrodden is our government’s priority. Our program to initiate development process from the remotest corner of the state is, indeed, based on the same principle.

Promotion of industry and programs

In the last fifteen years the following economic sectors like electricity, tourism, horticulture, floriculture and agriculture the Government has spent over Rs. 30,000 Crores. In the industrialization and economic development process our Government will continue to give solid emphasis. Our policy is for inclusive growth which amounts to growth with equity.
Our Government’s policy is for bottom up growth that empowers the hard working people of Sikkim to climb the ladder of success and security and raise their hopes for a better future which is full of opportunities.
Our government has teken policy decision to promote only such industrial units that best complement local topography, culture and environment which benefits our grassroots people. In order to encourage private investment in Sikkim, we have already held a large number of meetings between Sikkim government officials and the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and other institutions in Delhi, Kolkata and other international forums like in Singapore, London, New York, Amsterdam and Alsmeer. In these meetings, we have apprised the potential investors about the promising areas, our clean environment, social and legal status in Sikkim. Many of the investors have evinced keen interest. Some of them have already come to Sikkim. Many of the investors have evinced keen interest. Some of them have already come to Sikkim starting industrial units. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is all praise for this endeavour of the State government.

Promotion of new environment – friendly units:
Our government has given all-out support to the existing industrial units in the State. We have also given all support at the government level for setting up of feasible industries in the State. We have given preference to setting up of agro-based industries, animal husbandry-related industries, horticulture, tourism, hydro-power and software technology.
Sikkim has huge potential to tap these areas for economic development of the state. We have adopted a new Industrial Policy for the State, wherein we can reap dividends in the long run . All prospective investors will immensely benefit from this new policy. Our Government will continue with industry friendly policy so that they can create more employment opportunities for our people. However, we will also ensure that they are units which are environmentally friendly and do not pollute our rivers and our atmosphere.

Promotion of hydro-power potential:
Sikkim is endowed with huge hydro-power potential estimated at 8,000 MW. We must tap into this judiciously. This natural resource can changed the economic condition of our state and its people. We therefore have evolved a comprehensive policy to utilize this resource judiciously to ensure full advantage and economic upliftment of the Sikkimese people.
The national effort and policy is also to tap into all the hydro power potential in the Himalaya and the North Eastern States. This is on account of the huge deficit in power generation in the country. Therefore, Sikkim has to play its part in this national effort.
The 60 MW capacity Rangit project has been commissioned. 510 MW Teesta Hydroelectric Project Stage – V was completed in 2006. The government has also begun construction of a number of macro, mini and micro hydel projects within the state sector. The result of all this is that our internal revenue has quadrupled and the people of Sikkim are benefited by steady power in their homes. This has also created avenues for economic development for our Sikkimese youth.
All these hydro power projects when commissioned will generate close to 5,000 MW and will contribute close to Rs. 1,000 Crores to the State exchequer.

Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry will be developed as a new profession:
In order to generate revenue and employment tourism can play a vital role. Therefore we have made policies and programs to develop all forms of environmental friendly tourism in Sikkim. With the development of eco-tourism the Sikkim Government has started generating substantial revenue and employment.

Peaceful atmosphere, natural beauty and various types of flora and fauna:
Our government recognizes that the tourism industry will generate local employment and earn revenue for the state. We have started promotion of this industry in all earnest. Sikkim’s clean environment, natural beauty, flora and fauna, various streams, rivers, lakes and the Himalayas are our natural endowment.
The other important factor responsible for development of tourism is our cultural and traditional heritage. Together with a peaceful environment, our culture and tradition play crucial role in the promotion of great tourism products.
Our efforts have indeed borne fruit and the industry today is the backbone of our private sector economy providing jobs and money to many people. Furthermore we have been winning the Best Performing State in tourism for the many consecutive years.

Sikkim to be developed as a Eco-Tourist State:
For the overall development of the tourism trade, we will encourage Village tourism, penetrating into the remote parts of the state. We have prepared a blueprint to develop one tourist spot in every village. Our aim is to develop Sikkim as a wholesome eco-tourism state.

New tourist spots shall be established:
We have eased the restricted areas like Nathula and Gurudongmar for the tourists. Taking into consideration security issues we will further relax some hitherto prohibited areas for the tourist in the future.
Construction on 135 ft high atstus of Guru Rimpoche at Samdruptse has become a main attraction for the tourists in South Sikkim. In West Sikkim the construction of the Statue of Sri Janga, statue of Bhanubhakta at Geyzing and Statue of Shivaji along with 12 Jyotilinga Char Dham at Solaphuk, Namchi, have become attractions for tourists. The statue of Cherinji will be constructed in the coming term. The Statue of Lord Buddha will be commissioned in the next term and is at present under rapid construction.

We will encourage private investment in tourism sector:
We will increase the permit period for the foreign tourists. Tourism industry shall be made more environment – friendly and people-centric. More ropeways shall be constructed. More parks and gardens along with artificial lakes shall be developed. More water falls and trekking routes shall be identified and developed.

One constituency: one tourist spot:
In order to transform Sikkim into a Tourism State and provide employment to local Sikkimese, one tourist spot in each constituency shall be developed. Some are already in an advanced stage of development whilst others have been completed.

Village-centric tourism
We have made tourism trade in the State increasingly village-centric. We will continue with our policy so that the resultant benefit of tourism shall flow down to the village people as well.

Tourism-related training:
We shall train our youths in the professional management of growing tourism industry. Intensive training shall be conducted to equip our people with the required know-how and basic information to handle tourism business at the village level. This will improve their individual capacity to take advantage of this trade.

New development partners:
Our government shall continue to base our development strategies on the available natural resources. To tap on these huge natural resources, we shall increasingly involve international donor agencies as our development partners.
Furthermore, like in the past, NGOs will be our main partners in the development process. We shall consciously promote the committed NGOs in the delivery of rural services and for larger goals of development.

Establishment of software units:
Given the fragile ecology and geographical location, establishment of heavy industries in the state is practically untenable. In such a situation, establishment of low volume and high value industrial units is the only distinct possibility in the state. Our government shall go ahead to set up as many software units in the state. Software training shall be imparted to the youths of Sikkim to take up such ventures.

Every household shall be promoted as an industrial unit:
Every single household in Sikkim shall be promoted as a producing unit taking each household as an industry.

Establishment of industries as the grassroots enterprises:
We will establish feasible village industrial unit keeping in mind the area-specific climate, atmosphere and environment. The nature of such units shall depend on available manpower and people’s interests. The government shall provide consultancy service, loan, technical support and marketing facilities for setting up such units.
Extensive cultivation of cash crops like orange, passion fruit, pear, banana, pineapple and orange shall be promoted among the rural population. To further promote horticulture, seeds of different vegetable shall be developed in the state. The government shall extend necessary support through the cooperatives for cultivation of cash crops.

Establishment of new industrial units based on local resources:
Different industrial units shall be established in every constituency to improve the living standard of Sikkimese poor and for improving the very economic health of the state. Our government has also started security ink-manufacturing unit in the state.

Protection of employees, workers and labour in Sikkim:
We have passed a Bill in the Legislative Assembly wherein 100 percent of the jobs in the Government sector are totally reserved for the local Sikkimese people. In the private sector it will be 80 percent reservation of local people and 20 percent of those who have their name on the voter list.
Furthermore, we are going to set up a Labour Board to start education and training for our workers. The purpose of this is to impart high technology training, ensure better quality and methods as well as to over see the health care and work environment of the workers in factories and Government departments.
Our policy and programs reflect our pro-worker and pro-youth stands. We will do everything within our powers to ensure the full security of the rights of the workers and our youth at large.

Agriculture shall be promoted as an industry:
Sikkim has been recognized as Agriculture Export Zone. This is a big leap forward for the state of Sikkim. Locally producer flower, ginger and cherry pepper can fetch good prices at the international market. Our government has been able to arrange for international market for the sale of local produce.
Agricultural activities in the state shall be promoted as an industry. Cooperative farming at the grass root level shall be encouraged and necessary support shall be provided by the government. Steps are also afoot to develop agro-based industries on our natural resources.

Scientific farming of all cash crops:
Our government has been trying to encourage people to change their trade to live a more productive life. In this new century, our people will modify their traditional ways employing new methods and technology to their advantage. Our government’s endeavour has been to inject has been to promote cash crops on priority that would fetch better price and other income generating farming.

Price support for the produce of farmers:
SDF Government will provide adequate price support for the produce of farmers in Sikkim including for flowers and fruits, vegetables and cash crops.

Marketing Management:
Our government will arrange for marketing of our locally produce at the domestic and international market. Together with fetching a competitive price at the international market for our local produce, we will also aim at securing competitive edge among our farmers. Besides, we have provided all possible incentives to bolster local production in our rural farms. We will also arrange for good market for local crafts produced by local artisans.

Seed production will be given priority:
Sikkim will be made a major producing centre for high quality seeds such as potato, cardamom, fruits and flowers. Furthermore, the surplus of the farmers will be exported.

Cardamom and Ginger Processing:
We can effectively improve the earnings of our farmers if local products like ginger and cardamom are processed into a finished product locally in the state itself. Prosperity of majority of rural farmers is dependent on these cash crops.
Cardamom and ginger processing centre shall be set up in the state to make best use of these cash crops through production of finished products with these crops. This way we can give best price for the farmers for their products as well.

Encouragement to and promotion of collective cash crop farming:
The government shall provide all support to farmers for undertaking cultivation of cash crops, like orange, passion fruit, pears, etc. The government shall also give all support to villagers for undertaking collective farming of cash crops in their respective area on a priority basis. We will also support them through free distribution of agricultural tools and implements. We will continue to support our farmers in all ways possible in the future too.

Rural composting schemes for the people:
We will promote Sikkim as a total organic State to keep our people away from possible health hazards in the future. Therefore, we shall grant rural composting schemes widely for the people to prepare manure locally. We will further promote agriculture sector by forming a continuous chain of coordinated action with various agro-based industries.

Most progressive farmer award:
Our government shall continue to grant the most progressive farmer award to the committed and progressive farmer of the state annually.

Agricultural fair:
Paddy, wheat, millet, buckwheat, oilseeds like rayo, mustard, soya bean and sunflowers will be given emphasis in cultivation.
Agricultural fair shall be held in the state for wider exposure of farmers. Quality seeds and tools shall be provided to people in such fair in a subsidized rate.

Technical support to farmers:
Steps shall be taken to impart training on modern technical knowhow to people. Devoted and progressive farmers shall be deputed to agricultural centers and institute for wider experience.

Earthworm farming:
The government shall provide technical support and encourage people to take up earthworm farming to improve the fertility of land.

Assistance for promotion of tea plantation:
Additional tea plantation shall be encouraged in the state. Economic assistance shall be given to people desirous to take up tea plantation. Adequate assistance shall be granted to people to open tea factories in consultation with the Tea Board of India.
We will give all support to small growers in the state.
We shall also initiate cooperative tea farming on a large scale. We shall introduce organic tea farming in the state, to establish a distinct quality brand of the tea produce.

Mushroom farming:
The state has potential for mushroom farming on a large scale, with all available natural resources and markets. The government shall give all support to people to take up mushroom farming on commercial scale.

More terracing grants shall be extended to the rural poor:
More terracing grants shall be extended to the rural poor to make their farmland more stable and fertile. The government shall also finance schemes to improve fertility of their lands along with technical support.

Agriculture based village industries will be setup:
With the establishment of agriculture based industries the Government will help the people so that they can earn better prices. In higher altitude argeli and in lower altitude hathibar plants will be cultivated. Orange, passion fruit, banana, guava, papaya, apples, turmeric, theki phal will be cultivated for more self reliance in fruits.

Land reforms and proper utilization of lands:
Our government has worked sincerely for judicious distribution of land its productivity . The landless Sikkimese has been provided with half-acre of land at Government’s cost thereby addressing the need of the landless Sikkimese people.
In the next government, we shall further pursue this policy. We will introduce appropriate legislation against the oppressors to curb possible exploitation of people with minimum land. We shall improve the quality and fertility of land in the state.

One Cooperative society in each GPU:
One cooperative society shall be established in each Gram Panchayat Unit ensuring international price for farmers’ products, and we shall protect the interest of the farmers locally. We will effectively arrest the monopoly of black marketers.

Animal husbandry shall be promoted as an industry:
The government shall give maximum support and assistance for development of animal husbandry in the state. Assistance shall be extended in areas like poultry, dairy, angora rearing, piggery, goatery and fisheries. Additional units shall be set up to diversify dairy production in a mass scale. Additional cheese plants shall be set up.
Additional egg production units shall established.
Industrial units for augmentation of animal husbandry-related products shall be set up. An all inclusive Veterinary Hospital shall be established in the state. Demonstration farms shall be set up in throughout.

Greater investment in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry:
Our government shall pump in greater investment in agricultural sector, horticulture and animal husbandry to develop these sectors as industries. Our government shall further make these sectors more attractive for our younger generations so that they take up self-employment ventures in these areas.

Transportation Infrastructure Development is our priority

Infrastructure plays a key role as an enabler for overall development of our mountain State. We are well served internally due to the construction of rural roads. This has enabled many of our village people to sell their produce on the roads, reach medical and educational facilities and take advantage of banking and other such instruments. Today, the jeeps and buses ferry Lakhs of people every year from district towns and villages to main towns.
We have serious challenges with our connectivity with the rest of the country. Due to many disturbances in the immediate neighbourhood the National Highway 31A is closed for many days. This is becoming a bottleneck. Quick access for high quality tourism is another issue. For this we need our own airport.
We have managed to bring this to the attention of Central Leaders and within the next term we will have Sikkim better connected internally as well as externally. This will provide greater fillip for education, economic activities and health access.

National Highway and alternative highways:
National Highway 31A which is the lifeline of Sikkim connecting Siliguri will be widened right up to Nathula. An alternative highway to connect Sikkim will be started soon.

Alternative state highways shall be constructed:
We will continue our demand for construction of state highways and connect Sikkim with alternative roads.

Bus Serviceto Mansarovar lake:
We will also explore the possibility of Bus Service to Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China for pilgrimage purpose.

Connecting Sikkim by rail network:
The Government of India has agreed to bring rail access to Sikkim. This will be completed in the next term. This will really facilitate people from visiting other parts of the country through the wide network of Indian Railways.

Connecting all districts by state highways:
New state highways shall be constructed and where necessary broadened, carpeted to connect all three districts with the capital. Additional bus service shall be pressed into service all across the state for the benefit of poor commuters.

Concrete bridges:
All existing ordinary shall be renovated or repaired and transformed into concrete bridges.As per necessity, many of them shall be improved into RCC/steel bridges as well.

Sikkim in the air map:
The dream to connect Sikkim with the rest of the country through an air link has become a reality. Construction of new airport at Pakyong is going on in full swing. The project will be completed by 2012.

Helicopter service shall begin all over the state:
Our government has started a regular helicopter service plying between Gangtok and Bagdogra. We have constructed seven additional helipads across the state, helicopter service shall commence in all these location during the next term of our government. It has been found that the helicopter services are very useful during road blocks and sight seeing for tourism purposes. More viable options will be explored.

Ropeways operational, additional ropeway services shall be expanded:
Our government has constructed ropeways and ropeway service has commenced in gangtok. Feasibility test has been successfully completed at Namchi for installing one more prestigious ropeway. The construction work has commenced. Similar ropeways at strategic tourist destinations like Varsey and Mainam shall be constructed in the next government. Ropeways will be expanded to create more transportation facility for people where roads have not reached. These will be operated by the Panchayats.

Construction and expansion of roads:
Our government will undertake expansion work of all existing state highways in all the four districts. All roads shall be developed as green roads by planting plants and flowers in both sides of roads.

Roads in each village:
Our government has already initiated tangible steps to construct roads in all villages. In the next term of government, all villages shall be connected by all-weather roads. Carpeting of all existing roads has commenced. The carpeting of all remaining roads in the state will continue to create access for our poor to reach all kinds of facilities and amenities like education, health and sales of village produce.

Welfare and Grants Distribution – Social Justice

SDF Government has promised to provide the following:

  1. Rural Housing Scheme will be continued;
  2. House Up-gradation will be increased from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 per annum;
  3. Chief Minister’s Housing Scheme from Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh per annum;
  4. Those villages where tourism activities have increased and promoted two rooms will be added for every interested household;
  5. In all household bathroom along with bathing room will be constructed;
  6. From two it will be increased to three points electricity will be provided to the villagers free and up tp 100 units will be free of cost;
  7. Rice will be given to BPL families at Rs. 3 per kg;
  8. All necessities food commodities like rice, salt, oil, pulses, sugar will be provided to the people at a reasonable rate;
  9. People will continue to get roofing sheets;
  10. While distributing facilities the poor and BPL families will have the first chance; and
  11. Whilst distributing these facilities it will be based on the status of the people but not on caste basis.

Let the rural poor get rich faster:
Our government has drawn up both short-term and long-term programs in the state for alleviating poverty in Sikkim. We are also providing all support to the poor for taking up productive schemes and giving them all possible opportunities. As part of our continued effort to address the problem of poverty, we shall vigorously pursue another pro-poor campaign under the title ‘let the poor get rich faster’. We shall concentrate on the following policies to achieve rural prosperity.
In Sikkim’s rural economy small businesses are creating employment and self employment through small entrepreneurial ventures. To spur the development of small businesses and value added agriculture we want to increase the funding during the term of the nest Government. We will create a Value Added Producer Grant Program which will provide much needed capital for the productive farmers. They in turn will create value added enterprises such as cooperative Marketing initiatives for high value crops and livestock produce or even farmer owned processing plants like milk chilling. We will provide training and technical assistance for small rural businesses and also provide price support.

Universal Financial Inclusion:
We will be providing Universal Financial Inclusion to all the households in Sikkim. This will be done by using modern banking extension technology. The bank accounts will be opened in the name of the mother of the household. The Government will seed the account with some grant. There will be a paid for insurance which will cover health for 5 members of the family, life insurance for 5 members of the family and loss of property. Sikkim will be the first State to get this full cover.

We embarked on the new concept known as Janata Mela – this will continue:
The SDF government has been willing to go to any extent for the welfare of the poor Sikkimese people. Our government has embarked on a new concept called Janata Mela to deliver government’s immediate benefits and schemes to the rural poor at their own doorstep. Nowhere else in the country is this system is practiced. These include Rural Housing schemes, Indira Awas Yojana, LPG Cylinder, GCI sheets, Chief Minister’s Self Employment Schemes, chief Minister Antodaya Annadan Yojana, Old Age Pension, distribution of quality seeds, agricultural implements, sewing machines, cows and piglets, alnd for the landless, so on and so forth. Besides, all government departments and schemes for the benefit of people. This has been found to be very effective system for reaching benefits to the poor.
Our government will continue to hold such Janata Melas in the future, further increasing the quantum of benefits/schemes for the welfare of the people.

Rural housing for the rural populace:
After our party came to power, we have granted land to the landless Sikkimese giving them the comfort and warmth of owning a home. Our government also started program to grant Rs. 20,000 and 30 GCI sheets for construction of rural houses. Thousands of people have benefited from this program. We have moved further to develop one compact model village in each constituency. While developing such model village, one single house cost Rs. 3 lakhs. The Sikkimese poor shall own such homes costing 3 lakhs. Apart from dwelling purpose, this will also promote village tourism giving benefit to the poor Sikkimese. In the 1999 elections, we had committed to the poor to grant 1 Lakh each for construction of houses. Today, the poor are getting 3 Lakhs each by owing one concrete home.
We shall continue with our policy to extend housing grant to the needy people. For those who are unable to construct homes with the government grants, the government shall volunteer to build houses for them with these grants.

Land to the landless Sikkimese:
We have helped poor homeless people by granting them land as well as financial support for construction of their houses. Our government has provided them with means of survival and a house to live in. Under this scheme thousands landless Sikkimese people have found their earth and hearth. This program to grant land to address the landless issue of every Sikkimese shall continue in the next government.

Land to the landless urban Sikkimese:
The government shall also provide housing or government site etc. to the landless urban Sikkimese.

Eradication of Poverty with prosperity life scheme:
Our aim is to eradicate poverty from Sikkim, In a very short time we are going to free the people Sikkim from the curse of poverty. That5 is why we have formulated various development schemes so that we can free them from poverty. Our aim is to make the poor people rich AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. By implementing these schemes we want to make our people rich as soon as possible. By implementing these schemes we want to make our people self sufficient and self reliant. For this we have already formulated a scheme called Prosperity Life Scheme which will be started in our next term.

  1. we will make the people industrious and producers. We want to bring about change from the old professions and we want to give them new professions so that they will progress in life. For this we have already extended facilities and we are providing them with professional training also. Those who want to go for creating wealth special attention will be given to them.
  2. A village centric policy is a way of making our people prosperous and self reliant. Till the BPL families do not come up in life we will continue to serve them through these polices and programs. That is why even in the next government this program will be continues.
  3. We have also made a plan to prevent the enterprising village youth from migrating to the urban centers. That is why we want to create livelihood programs in the villages itself. The amenities which are available in the cities will be made available in the village itself.
  4. Once we can generate development projects in the village there is bound to be a narrowing of the gap between the village and the city. When opportunities are not a available in the village then village youth will have a tendency to seek opportunities in the city.
  5. Unemployed youth will be provided every opportunity by giving them necessary facilities. This program will be implemented so that there will be no employment problem in the future.
  6. Our Government has already made a plan by giving empowerment to the Panchayats to float tender up to Rs 10 Lakh, BDO office up to Rs 20 Lakh, subdivision up to Rs. 50 Lakh and District level up to Rs. 10 Crores. With the implementation of these rules and regulations the contractors of district level will get all the opportunities.

Lending continuity to our village-centric policies:
Our government shall move further to lend continuity to our village-centric policies to make every Sikkimese prosperous and self-contained in the true sense. Until we establish peace and prosperity in every hearth of the simple and innocent Sikkimese, we will continue to pursue this program. In the coming Government, this program shall be further consolidated.

Contractual work in village to the villagers:
Our government has established the system of granting contractual work in village to the villagers themselves. We will carry on with the same system. Contractual work amounting to Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs. 20 lakhs respectively shall be sanctioned and implemented at the Zilla Panchayat level and Gram Panchayat lavel itself. We will create more avenues for other contractual works at the village level and execute such works involving local contractors and youth.

Industries in every village:
In order to make sikkim a producer state, we are working out plans and programs to set up productive industrial units in every village. Our programs shall aim at creating such opportunities that would encourage productive venture. We will continue with this policy. Further, cooperative tea plantation units shall be set up. One industrial unit shall be established in each Gram Panchayat unit.

Library in every village:
Our government shall open up one library in each Gram Panchayat. Many of the units have now exclusive library of their own. These centres shall be further expanded.

LPG Cylinder to every villager:
To overcome fuel problem of rural people and to ease growing pressure on our ecology, our government has started the scheme for distribution of free LPG cylinder to the rural people. In the next government, we will continue to cover all villagers under this scheme.

Toilet and bathroom in every household:
We made Sikkim into a pure State in the area of total sanitation. We received the award “Nirmal Rajya Puruskar” in 2008. With a view to provide and maintain rural sanitation and quality public health, the government would volunteer to construct toilet and bathrooms in each household in the villages. We will continue our drive to see that our State progresses much more in this direction.

Facilities of drinking water and electricity:
We have attained 100 percent coverage in providing electrification and safe drinking water both in urban and rural habitations. Any left-out houses and locality shall be compulsorily covered in the next government. We will continue our efforts to provide high quality safe drinking water and stable electricity connections.

Free electricity to rural people up to 100 units:
We will continue to provide free electricity to the rural people in the next government. Each household shall get 100 unit free electricity. Each rural household shall be covered with electrification.

Health centres in each GPU:
Health centres and sub-centres shall be established in each GPU all over the state.

Support to poor people at time of birth and death:
The government shall provide financial support through the Panchayati Raj to the helpless and needy families on occasions of birth and death and other social obligations.

Human resource development centres at the village level:
The government shall construct one Panchayat Bhawan, library, nurseries and play ground in each gram Panchayat unit to develop the culture of reading, writing and sportsmanship at the village level.

Community Centre in each constituency:
One community centre shall be constructed in each constituency of the state.

Stadium at the sub-division level:
One stadium shall be developed at the sub-division level.

Our Environment Policy

Conservation of ecology together with sustainable development:
Our party is of the firm conviction that all development programs shall be meaningless unless we protect our environment. We are concentrating on the long-term development programs giving emphasis to conservation measures. Our government has so modeled our development projects that may bring minimum possible negative impact on our environment. We have discarded a few such projects with negative environmental fallouts. We will have to continue with this policy because we cannot risk the existence of posterity for some immediate development gains. Development should be such that it ensures the security of the future generation as well. This is indeed sustainable development.

Sikkim shall be promoted as the first total Organic State in the country:
Our government shall promote Sikkim as the first total Organic State in the country. This will be fully completed by 2015. We have been guided by our realization to care for our fragile ecology to reach this decision. The use of chemical fertilizers shall be discouraged in a phased manner to encourage use of organic manures. This way, our local production shall be more health-nourishing and less hazardous. We will fully protect animal wild life in the state. All the medicinal plants, herbs and shoots found in sikkim shall be conserved and promoted for posterity. We will promote cultivation of medicinal plants to create a stable medicinal base in Sikkim. Many of the medicinal plants today for lack of enough conservation measures and commercialization. We will conserve these plants and promote this medicinal system as an industry in the state.

Conservation of forest:
If we cannot balance our environment, all development gains shall be temporary, and our society shall head towards destruction. In order to ensure sustainability we have done the following:

  1. Carried out massive plantation work.
  2. Launched the concept of Smriti Van to improve forest cover.
  3. Increased the area under Reserved Forest.
  4. Put a complete ban on the use of plastics.
  5. Declared south and West districts as the drought-prone areas.
  6. Initiated the green revolution.
  7. Convinced the centre to close down the proposed army shooting range in North Sikkim, which would have, otherwise, impose environmental disaster on our environment.
  8. Hunting down of wild animals has been banned.
  9. Felling of green trees has been prohibited.
  10. Revived precious flora and fauna by banning grazing in all reserved forests in the state.
  11. Earmarked and developed a dumping ground for urban wastes.
  12. Have a very strong intellectual Patent committee and State Intellectual Law Committee to deliberate and decide upon intellectual property rights (IPR) related issues.

    The program of hariyo pariyo kosh will further be strengthened in order to directly involve the school children and college students in the environmental management program. All the national and international legal regimes and conventions will be strictly implemented. A high level committee led by a renowned scientist of international repute has been constituted to assess the impact of likely glacial melt and other phenomena on the hydrology of Sikkim. We are moving ahead to make our state pollution-free state by giving strees on conservation measures and environmental cleanliness drive.

Clean Development Mechanism:
In our effort to get more resources to fund our conservation efforts we are going to use the Kyoto Protocol initiative to sell our CERs and VERs to European buyers. This will enable us to find funds for many programs that can be taken at the grass roots level and Panchayats can be involved.

Green roads:
We have promoted and implemented the green roads concept throughout the state. We shall continue to carry out the campaign through area specific plants/flowers in both sides of the roads.

Our comprehensive education Policy

Our education policy is not only to make Sikkim a literate State but it is to transform every citizen to be fully educated in a holistic sense. Furthermore, every citizen has to be knowledgeable, capable and creative. This goal can be achieved by making the education policy simple, of high quality, modern and with scientific temper. Sikkim’s education system should be so oriented so that it will make our children competitive and world class citizens.
Good character, skilled manpower and an informed citizen is the way forward for success. We have to create, through our education process, manpower for the 21st century.
So we will have a competitiveness agenda wherein we will educate and energize our Sikkimese people. They will be made more capable so that they can innovate and feel empowered. This will also ensure that in the knowledge economy all can be accommodated.

Setting up University in Sikkim:
Our government has already set up a University and all necessary formalities are tied in. we want to make this institution world class. We want to develop sikkim as a centre of excellence in higher education.

Practical Education:
After school, college and university education our students will be able to take practical training elsewhere in the field of their choice. In order to facilitate the youth to build their capacity a new Capacity Building Institution (Finishing School) will be established.
Sikkimese youth and students who want to pursue higher education in any part of India and the world will be facilitated by our Government.

Additional colleges in Sikkim shall be established:
Our government will establish colleges in all the four district. One degree college and Sanskrit Mahavidayala has been established at Namchi and Geyzing respectively. Two technical institutes have been set up in the state, one at Bardang in east sikkim and another at Chisopani in South sikkim, Our government has also set up Medical college and an Engineering College in the state. Our government will further establish more professional colleges in the state.
We will set up an Agriculture College and Science College. One Art College is established at Rhenock, a Science College at Soreng, degree college at Mangan and Geyzing.
In our college we will start Post Graduate course in Microbiology, biotechnology, Statistics, Tissue culture etc.

Free education up to College level:
With a view to make education easily affordable for the poor people, the government sponsors free education up to Class V with additional incentives of free school uniforms, free exercise books and free textbooks. For students up to Class VIII, free education, exercise books, books are free. Education is free up to the college level. We have also increased the number of students and scholarship grant in the state. We will continue with our policy to make education easily affordable and accessible to the poor children in the State.

Meritorious students to get scholarship, loans, fellowship and financial aid for pursuing higher education:
The Government has been providing financial aid to students who want to pursue further education in national and international colleges and universities in the fields of their own choosing in the form of scholarships, loans and fellowships. This policy will be continued and expanded in a larger scale.

Chief Minister’s Free Scholarship for Student:
If a student gets admission on merit in one of the 20 top universities in the world then she will be eligible to avail the facility of the Chief Minister’s Free Scholarship program. This scholarship will be continued.
If poor and needy students get admission in any good and recognized universities in the world then they are eligible to get interest free loans to pursue their education. Those poor and needy students who want to pursue higher education in any nationally recognized universities they are also eligible to avail this interest free loan.
Those poor and needy students who get admission in Sikkim Manipal Engineering and Medical College are also eligible for the interest free loan.
During the next term this will be continued.

Quality Education will be imparted starting from Primary Education:
In order to ensure that our children get quality education our Government in the next term will initiate new programs to facilitate this starting with the primary education. The result of this will be that the quality of education imparted in the Government schools and colleges will become the best in the country and will have world class education standards.
Schools leaders today, need not only manage schools but they also need to focus on high quality professional development. They need to design such curricula and school organization so that both the teachers and students can get effective learning.

Teachers shall be given grade on the basis qualification:
Teachers shall be given grade and scale on the basis of their educational qualification. The rate of scholarship shall be increased.

Education shall be made more life-oriented:
Education shall be made more life-oriented, qualitative and age-oriented. The human rights provision for all the children in the state shall be safeguarded including their right for education.
Sikkim shall be developed and promoted as the education destination of the country. We will invite reputed educational institutions in the country and abroad to set up their institution in Sikkim and promote the state as the education destination of the country.
Our government will provide all assistance to the unemployed youths to take up such venture.

Adult education shall be further consolidated:
In order liberate our citizens from the clutches of ignorance, our government has put maximum emphasis on the promotion of adult education for the adult citizens in the state. We will further consolidate our effort to support our elders.

Secondary School in each GPU and Senior Secondary School in each Constituency:
Every Constituency shall have at least one Senior Secondary School and every Panchayat unit one secondary school in the state.

Compulsory Computer education and environment education in schools:
We have included environmental studies in the school curriculum. We have also made computer education compulsory in secondary school and above. In the next government, we will make computer education compulsory at the primary level as well.

Financial aid to BPL students:
College students who are from BPL families shall be provided with Financial Aid.

Technological Park:
To keep pace with the advancing age, we have given priority to the development of information technology. We have established forty Community Information Centres which are fully computerized. The rural people are getting support from these centres. In schools, we have made computer education compulsory so that our students can prepare themselves for the global competition in the future. Our idea has been to keep pace with the changing time. To promote scientific temper, we are setting up technological park in the state.

Services of Hoc teachers will be regularized:
The services of all Ad Hoc teachers will be regularized by our Government.

State Education Policy and Education Board will be established:
We need our own Education Policy and Education Board since sikkim has its own history and culture. Our education policy has to be holistic. Thus, in order to attain this goal we need our own Education Board and Education policy. We will make our policy and for that we are in search of capable intellectuals and teachers.

World Class education Institutions will be established:
We will set up world class education institutions so that there is access to such education for our citizens and youth. Our peaceful atmosphere and natural environment will facilitate this process of establishment.
We will strive to create world class schools as we realize that the only way to prosperity is through this king of highly effective education. We recognize that the only way to prosperity is through this kind of highly effective education. We recognize too that this leads to high quality employment. Strong local communities will be developed to take into account this process so that we are able to do a better job with our schooling program and educating our children.
Successful programs will be scaled up significantly.

Computer Education to be intensified:
So far we are teaching computer literacy up to middle school level. We are now going to take this to the level of the primary section.

In this digital age not knowing how to use and take advantage of computers is illiteracy. This skill is now required in almost every sector and work environment and becomes critical for the overall success of our economy.

Professional Education in Schools:
In all the senior secondary schools professional courses will be offered. These courses will be as follows:

  1. Tourism and adventure sports;
  2. Medicinal and aromatic plants propagation;
  3. Local handicrafts;
  4. Bee Keeping;
  5. Video and photography;
  6. Milk production and marketing;
  7. Poultry;
  8. Floriculture;
  9. Mushroom cultivation;
  10. Modern office management;
  11. Watch repairing;
  12. Computer training;
  13. Telephone and internet cafe;
  14. Automobile repairing;
  15. Hotel Management; and
  16. Type writing.

Health for all Policy

Health services shall be made available to every single citizen. We have worked hard to make quality health services accessible to one and all free of cost. We have also provided government assistance to patients visiting bigger health centres outside the state. We have installed hi-tech medical equipments in the state itself to provide best medical diagnosis and local facilities.
A Central Referral Hospital has been established in the state. Large district hospitals have been constructed each in Geyzing and Mangan. A large number of health centres and sub-centres have been established across the state.
Our Health Policy will also take care of any medical malpractice that is going on and we will fully protect the patients’ rights.

Mukhya Mantri Jeewan Raksha Kosh:
Mukhya Mantri Jeewan Raksha Kosh, Mukhya Mantri Netra Jyoti Yojna, Mukhya Mantri Shrawan Shakti Samriddhi Yojna and social health schemes sector welfare work have been started. Since 2004 Hepatitis”B’ vaccination started. Sikkim was the first state in the country to initiate Hepatitis ‘B’ vaccination to children between the age group of 0-1 year at Government’s expense. Similar vaccination program shall be carried out in the state to cover all children in the age group below 15 years.
All the citizens have access to subsidized rate of getting vaccinated.

Medical treatment for Poor Families free of cost:
BPL families are facilitated for all kinds of medical treatment whether they are within or outside the state free of cost. All school students are provided under IFA comprehensive medical treatment for removal of worms. Mothers and pregnant women are provided with iron folic medicines and other medicines for their complete treatment. Calcium tablets are given to women below the age of 25. Children below the age of one year are provided with DPT treatment. Mobile hospital have been started for the benefit of the rural people. Spectacles are also given free to people with eyesight impairment.
This mobile hospital will be continued and strengthened in all four districts of Sikkim during the next term. A mobile medical team will be provided with all the equipments for complete diagnosis. This facility will be provided at the doorstep of every villager. Every citizen will be checked up for medical issues free of cost.
Furthermore a 500 bedded super-specialty hospital is being started in Gangtok for all the citizens of the State.

Hepatitis ‘B’ Vaccination:
All children from the age of 1 to 10 will be vaccinated against Hepatitis B free of cost by our Government in the next term.

We will strike at the very root cause of all diseases:
Our government subscribes to the time-tested adage that prevention is better than cure. Hence, we have worked out a comprehensive health care delivery system to protect our people from contracting any disease in the first place.
We are trying to establish a fully healthy life for our people, not only physical but also social health, mental health, moral and spiritual. For creation of a health society and citizens, we have drafted and implemented a number of political, economic and cultural reforms in the system.

Special care for the senior citizens, children and women:
Our government has given special emphasis on the quality of health for our senior citizens, children and women. Our government is committed to take care for the weak and infirmed on Government’s expense. We will further consolidate our efforts.

Health mela:
For creation of a awareness and to make health service accessible to the poor people, health mela shall be organized annually in the state.

Health Insurance:
In order to ensure maximum health Security to the people of Sikkim, our government will institute Health Insurance Policy for all the Sikkimese people above 45 years. All people who attain the age of 45 will be given a full and comprehensive health check up.
This is to take care of the health care disparities that exist in the present day system.
Furthermore, we will continue to build more health care infrastructure in villages and districts to take care of the ever increasing load.

Modernization of hospital:
The conversion of Sir Thutop Namgyal Memorial (STNM) Hospital into an ultra modern Hospital equipped with sophisticated and the latest equipment will be completed. This hospital will be linked with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi through Telemedicine for both treatment and research.

Improvement of district hospitals:
Modern hospitals in other districts have been constructed. These hospitals shall be equipped with modern facilities.

A Super-specialty hospital shall be established:
A 500-bedded Super-specialty Hospital shall be established at Rishithang, Ranka in East Sikkim with all modern facilities. The Sikkimese people need no longer go outside the state for advanced medical treatment. Our government will continue to make health services easily accessible and free of cost to all.

Sports and Youth Management Policy

Our sports policy will encourage and incentivise for promotion of sports in the state. Our government has given topmost priority to development of sports. Sikkim has produced many talented players in different fields, who have successfully represented the country in many national and international sports meets. Our government has encouraged many of our youngsters to bring out their latent talents. We have also given them due honour and respectable place in the society. Our government created an independent Youth and Sports department in the state and a self-contained Youth Hostel is already in operation. More youth hostels are being constructed in the state. Today, we have many outstanding sports persons in the state.

Establishment of national-level Khel Gaon/Sports village:
Our government has already promoted youth sports and produce international level sports persons in the state. For imparting quality training and bring ut their potential, the State Government has already established a holistic ‘Khel Gaon’ in the state. The ‘Khel Gaon’ will have state of the art sporting facilities of international standard for all games including a golf course and a research centre for sports sciences. This is going to be the first such facility in the country. Besides, providing infrastructure all sports facilities shall be built at the Panchayat and sub-division level in the state.

Improvement of stadiums and sports infrastructures:
Upgrading Palzor Stadium to a full-fledged stadium is complete and the fruits of this have been reaped by our young and talented sports persons. The stadium with all modern facilities is fully utilized for various regional and national games. Our government has named the Ahaley ground after the ace football player of Sikkim, Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia and Governor’s Gold cup is being held in this stadium. Playgrounds are being provided in all the Gram Panchayet Units. We will continue to build modern sports infrastructure in every district of Sikkim so as to encourage our young people to become the best in the world.

Stadium shall be developed in all four districts:
To encourage sporting activities in the state, stadium shall be developed in all four districts. We will complete this work in the next government.

Gymnasium halls shall be established in each district:
Our government will establish a gymnasium hall in every district in additional to what has already been established to provide a congenial atmosphere t our sportspersons and also to encourage healthy life and living for all citizens. In the next government, we will finish the work of construction of such halls in each district. The gymnasium will be for all kinds of indoor games and activities.

Youth Power Management Policy

Competent guidance, orientation and direction to educate youth:
Youth power is the backbone of any given society. If youth power is channelised positively, our society can progress indeed prosper. Keeping this in mind, our government decided to encourage and assist them to take up creative and productive ventures. In the State, our government has diversified their options to prove their worth besides government service employment. We have launched the first ever scheme providing opportunity and opting of Self-employment for our youth. The chief Minister’s Self-employment Scheme is one such scheme. We have devised many such innovative schemes for our youth so that they are not led astray by many negative forces operating in the globalized world.
We will continue to open up more opportunity to the youths in a wide range of areas like arts, literature, sports, trade and businesses.

Professional Training to the youth:
Our Government has been encouraging the youth of Sikkim to progress in this modern era. In this competitive age mental and physical development is necessary. We have taken all the necessary steps towards this end. We will continue to promote industry amongst the youth by giving them relevant education and training.

Sikkim Youth affairs program:
Talented youth of Sikkim will be given every opportunity to progress in their chosen field of interest. They will provide the much needed human resource for our State.

Skill Development fund of Rs. 5 Crores:
The Skill Development fund with Rs. 5 crores shall be earmarked to build a range of skills among the youth in the state. Youth can be take advantage of this fund to undertake varieties of skill building trainings, professional courses and other capacity building exercise anywhere in the country.

Career Development fund of Rs. 5 Crores:
Career development fund of Rs. Crores shall be earmarked in the state. This can be accessed and used by all the graduate unemployed students and youths of Sikkim.

Vocational training to the youth:
Our government has always stood fast with youth to help them keep pace with the new age. Our endeavour is to develop the competency level and mental fiber of our youth to take up new challenges in the coming generation.
We will continue with our program to impart vocational trainings and support them in their endeavour to take up different vacations in the future and truly be able to compete for jobs that are being created by our Government’s development program.

Establishment of Youth information and counseling centre:
Our government will establish information centres and counseling centres to provide the youth information regarding the emerging business opportunities around the world over and proper counseling to reposition them to take advantage of all emerging opportunities and challenges.
Educated youth will be provided with training and awareness especially on subjects such as environmental protection laws, trade related laws, banking laws, insurance regulation etc. In addition production, marketing, packaging, production identification, bank management, export import rules, consumer laws, warehousing, transportation management etc will be taught.

Check on urban migration:
We will create various business opportunities at the village level to check the tendency of our people to move out of the village in search of means of livelihood in the urban areas. Under the ‘providing urban facilities to rural areas i.e. PURA’ policy, our government shall adopt all means and measures to provide urban facilities right at the village level.

Employment to the unemployed:
Our government has been extending all support to our youth for taking up different trade and business. We will create an environment where everyone is gainfully employed in the society. Our government will provide all support and assistance to all the promising entrepreneurs desirous to set his/her own venture. The thrust shall be on creating opportunity and means for all the creative youth to undertake self-employment ventures. The ability, capacity and creativity of the younger generation shall be promoted to make them self reliant.

Youth to be provided 10 percent or more of the total budget for capability building:
In order to transform the capabilities and skills of the Sikkimese youth our Government will spare no effort and will provide ten percent or more of the total budget toward this effort. This will result in making them capable and self reliant and to compete in the present competitive age technologically. For this training an skill building mechanisms will be developed.
We will set up a Finishing School which will be skill and management development training. This school will enable our youth to not only build their capacities but we will also place them in different sectors where they can pursue a career of their choice.

Capable and Skilled youth to be given jobs and business opportunities:
In the next term our Government will provide all educated youth with opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities through good and effective training and education. These youth will be further provided with employment opportunities in all the sectors and for setting up slf employment business ventures.

Religion and Cultural Affairs Policy

Equal regard for all religious – equal protection of all traditions:
Our government has adopted a policy to protect and preserve all religions, culture, traditions, social norms and ethos in the state. We have guaranteed to the Sikkimese people the freedom to follow any faith and religion of their choice. We have adopted this policy with a view to protect our indigenous identity. We will continue to follow the same policy in the future.

Protection and regard for all cultural aspects of Sikkim:
Traditional healers of Sikkim like the Dhami-Jhankris, Bijuwa, Bongthing, Janapa, Phedangma, Yawa, Baidya and Pandit are the inseparable part of Sikkimese culture. Our government has fully recognized their contribution and given them due honour and prestige in the state. We are presently providing them Rs. 500 per month as financial aid. We will further protect their identities thereby strengthening our religious and cultural heritage.

Equality of religious belief and practices shall be the hallmark of our policy:
Our government believes and works as per the policy of equality of religious belief and practices in the state. We will continue to follow the same principle. No one will be discriminated against on the basis of religion, sex, caste and creed. We will remain steadfast to this democratic principle and doctrine.
Our government has been requesting the centre to bring the 17th HH Gyalwa Karmapa to Sikkim. We shall continue to impress upon the centre to bring the 17th HH Gyalwa Karmapa to Rumtek Monastery to occupy His seat.

Adi Kavi Bhanubhakta Acharya’s statue and cultural museum to be established in Gayzing:
In Geyzing the Adi Kavi’s statue is completed and Nepali language, literature and cultural museum cum study centre is being established.

Complete protection and promotion of Sikkimese dialects:
The SDF government has been promoting the Sikkimese culture and tradition and their distinct identities. Nepali language has been made as compulsory subject in all the schoola. Bhutia, Lepcha and Limboo languages are being taught at the college level. Twelve numbers Sanskrit High School and Mahavidalaya have been established. Other local dialects like the Tamang, Gurung, rai, manger, Newar, Sunuwar and sherpa have been recognized as atate languages. Our government has tried to develop all languages, culture and tradition to enrich the collective social life of the sikkimese people. We shall make a strong case for the recognition of Bhutia, Lepcha and Limboo languages as the modern indigenous languages by the sahitya Akademy which would then be used to include these three languages of sikkim in the Eight Schedule of the constitution.

Promotion of Sikkimese language and literature:
The earlier government used the issue of language and literature for narrow political gains. The then leader tried to take sole credit for the constitutional recognition of Nepali language. But no serious though was given to the development and enrichment of the language and the benefit that comes with constitutional recognition. We have undertaken to develop all languages in the state including the Nepali languale. In order to promote literature, arts and music, Sikkim Akademi has been established in the state.
We have started a culture to award and felicitate writers, artists and musicians of repute in the state. Our government has started to honour and felicitate all Sikkimese veterans, social workers and people who have made considerable contribution to the society.
Our government has undertaken many creative activities for promoting language and literature which include publication of significant books and magazines. Our government has also undertaken translation works of many historical documents. Our government has instituted various awards like the Creative Performance Grant, Positive Journalism Grant and state Appreciation Grants. All artistes and sportsman will also be given financial grant and awards.
In the next government we will continue to promote the All Sikkimese languages and literature of the various communities that constitute the Sikkimese people.

Sikkim Study Series:
All the publications under the various heads of the Sikkim Studies Series initiated in the last two years will now be published. Our effort will also be devoted to mobilize, collect and publish as many historical documents lying in the state, other archives and libraries of India and abroad for further dissemination. We shall encourage the translations of the major writings of the Sikkimese writers in other Indian languages.

Barahi-Mizong as government gazetted holiday:
The traditional festival of the Mangar community has been declared as a Government gazetted holiday in the state as committed in the last manifesto.

Protection of historical and cultural heritage
We have preserved the historical and cultural heritage of Sikkim. The historical place of Rabdentse has been renovated and preserved. The immediate vicinity bordering the fort has been declared as a Bird sanctuary. We are undertaking construction of a Lepcha Museum at Daramdin along with the historical Swarga-jane-sidi. Sirijunga Manghim has been constructed at Hee-Bermiok in West Sikkim, We have installed a 135-feet tall statue of Guru Padmasambhava at Samdruptse in Namchi. We have started construction work of a cultural park at Solaphuk. We have raised the statue of chogyal P.P. namgyal in Gangtok. The different festivals of different communities have been declared as government gazetted holidays in the state. Tendong-Lho-Rum-Faat, Sirijunga, Lhochar, Sakewa, Barahi-Mizong etc have been as declared government holidays.
In order to present Sikkim’s cultural heritage to the world community, a special effort will be made to integrate the international tour programs of Indian Council for Cultural Relations and similar other bodies to incorporate Sikkimese cultural fiesta in their regular programming.

Administrative Policy

Good governance is going to be a key focus area for reforms. We are going to bring more innovative and productive concepts to institutionalize reforms and try out corporate governance. Weak governance manifests itself in poor service delivery, excessive regulation, red tape, uncoordinated and wasteful public expenditure that impinges upon growth and development. It will be increasingly replaced by effective, efficient, transparent and simple system of governance.
We will undertake massive reforms in governance particularly in following three areas.

  • Enhancing the productivity of the civil service manpower and make certain that each employee is performing socially relevant tasks. A substantive effort will be made to reorient and re-skill the government employees.
  • Re-enforcing procedures for rewarding and promoting merit, disciplining malfunction and misconduct and strengthening accountability and performance, We will ensure quality delivery of services to the poor.
  • Evolution of a new work culture at all levels of our bureaucracy.

Right to Information fully implemented – greater use of technology:
The SDF Government is fully aware of the need to provide transparency in Governance. Toward this end all infrastructure and processes have been put in place. The people’s right to information is a tenet fully respected by the SDF and we will spare no effort to ensure that the Government systems are strengthened to give the information in a speedy and effective manner to the public at large.
We will further enhance transparency through the use of Information Technology so that anyone can see the working of Government as the ‘business of Government id really the people’s business’. – This is our credo.

Pro-employees government:
To the Government employees in Sikkim, our government has given due honour and prestige. The government feels that the government employees are the invaluable partners in the development of the State. During our governance we have given grade C and D employees leave encashment. School mother, ICDS village worker and monastic school teachers have been given scales by our Government.
The government granted promotion on an unprecedented scale to all qualifying employees, in many cases, overcoming stagnation suffered in the past. The qualifying years of advancement grade for Primary Teachers has granted Leave Encashment benefit to the Grade III and Grade IV employees. Ration allowance @ Rs. 400 per month has been given to Police perconnel. Physically Challenged Employees of Government and Public Sector Undertakings are being paid monthly conveyance allowance of Rs. 100 per head. The government also, for the first time, introduced compassionate appointment scheme for the non-gazetted employees. When the sole bread earner in a family passes away, employment is given to the wife of the deceased or the next of kin of the deceased for family sustenance. We pledge to keep up the same spirit so that all the government employees can work with more commitment, dedication and enthusiasm.

50% Sikkimese in the administrative services:
Our government has given to the sikkimese administrators a greater say in the running of state administration. We will further depute our employees for other professional and orientation training and make them able administrators in the state. Our government has made representation to the central government to appoint state administrators on the basis of 1:1 ratio in the state for the next fifty years.

Administrative Reforms:
Administration is an important part of our reforms agenda. We want to make it clean as well as productive. We will ensure responsible, transparent and efficient governance. Administrative services will be made easy and highly facilitated. A new culture of administration will be ushered. Employees will be given new direction and new thinking. Their capabilities will be enhanced. The administrative machinery will be made completely people centric.
We will further enhance transparency through the use of Information Technology so that anyone can see the working of Government as the ‘business of Government is really the people’s business.’ –This is our credo.

Induction of democratic spirit into bureaucracy:
Our government shall inculcate democratic values among the employees. They can carry out their duties in a fully democratic environment without fear or favour. We have, indeed, already started this process in the benefit the employees.

4th Pay Commission constituted:
Our government has constituted the 4th Pay commission. In the next term we will implement the recommendation of the Pay Commission. In many other states the pay hike of employees has been based on the recommendation of the Central Pay Commission recommendations. Our Government has set up an independent commission in order to ensure full rationalization and protection of all categories of employees thereby ensuring proper justice. The entire process will be on the basis of full hearing of all levels of employees holding same level of posts.

Employees DA allowance:
Our Government has created a norm by which the Dearness allowance is given to the employees without them asking for it. We have done this for the last 15 years and in the next term we will continue this practice.

MR, Ad hoc Teachers, Work charge employees will be regularized:
MR and work charge employees, ad hoc teachers and other temporary employees our Government will find that 50 percent of the new posts will be filled from their existing lot whilst the rest would be selected from open competition. This policy will continue to give relief to the existing MR, work charge and Ad hoc teachers for regularization in the new posts created from time to time till all such employees are fully absorbed.

Home Guards will be regularized:
Home Guards will be regularized against the vacant post in Police department, Forest, Excise, IRB and SAP and preference will be given in all private industries and companies.

Police personnel, electrician (lineman), meter reader and drivers who die in harness will be given a die in harness compensation of Rs. 2 lakh.
Before we came to power in 1994, the die-in-harness grant for the police personnel was Rs. 20,000/- only.

Private Drivers’ Compensation due to accidents:
Our government will provide Rs. 1 Lakh as compensation against accidental death for private drivers.

Pension to labourers:
Our government shall provide pension benefit of Rs. 1,000/- to labourers who sustain permanent disability during working hours.

Dignity and protection to labourers – full recognition of their contribution:
The SDF government increased the daily wage of labourers by 100 percent from the mere Rs. 20 in the very beginning. Keeping in view the incidence of rising price and in the interest of the working class, our government has further increased the wage up to Rs. 100 per day. Our government is committed to give justice to the poor people who earn their bread through their sweat. Our government was the first government to declare may day as the restricted gazette holiday for the workers. Our government has put to end the irrational practice of penalizing workers with two-day wages for a day absence. Compared to 1994, the daily wages of labourers has gone up five-folds. We have given dignity and protection to labourers recognizing in full their contribution in the society and nation.

Complete protection of collective interest of the working class people:
As the party of the working class, the farmers and labourers, the SDF is always conscious of their rights and protection. In the next government, we will fix working hour for the workers in technical field. We will also institute the Insurance Policy for them. The interest and privilege of the working people shall be fully guaranteed.
Furthermore, we are going to set up a Labour Board to start education and training for our workers. The purpose of this is to impart high technology training, ensure better quality and methods as well as to over see the health care and work environment of the workers in factories and Government departments.
Our policy and programs reflect our pro-worker and pro-youth stand. We will do everything within our powers to ensure the full security of the rights of the workers and our youth at large.

Labour daily wage to be enhanced to Rs. 250 per day:
We will, in the next term, increase the daily wage to Rs. 250 keeping in view the rising prices of all commodities and cost of living.

Guest House in Namchi for C & D Category employees:
This kind of guest houses for C & D Category employees will be set up in all the districts of Sikkim.

Check on corruption:
Before SDF party assumed power, corruption was the order of the day. Through corrupt means, some people became millionaires overnight, while the majority of poor continued to become poorer. Our party went against the system and after we came to power, we have enforced many laws to check corruption. Today our government has been able to contain corruption. Our government has been trying to arrest all forms of corruption including economic, moral and social corruption. We have been trying to present to the Sikkimese society a clean administration and corruption-free environment.
Without arresting corrupt practices, we cannot accelerate the pace of our development and bring about real progress in the state. Keeping this fact in mind, our government shall continue to adopt measures to wipe out corruption from the state.

Communalism is recognized as terrorism

Our political and philosophical ideology considers that communalism is a form of terrorism. Communalism is the ultimate result of exploitative thought. Such thoughts and acts result in societal breakup which results in stopping of the development process. This is why the President of the SDF Party has defined that communalism is a form of terrorism. Communalism influences society ensuring there is division amongst the people engendering hatred and this gives such people the necessary support and incentive. With such negative thoughts the society tends to break up and not integrate for the common good. That is why such feelings of communalism do not help in state and nation building. This only helps but a few of the perpetrators of groups that spread this virus. That is why we are resolute to oppose this kind of anti people and anti social elements. Wherever, whenever or in any form such elements exist we will firmly oppose them. In Sikkim we will never allow such anti people elements to take birth or grow in stature.

Social Welfare

Social and Food Security:
Today the world is facing acute guarantees on the social and food security issues. The world is hard pressed to find solutions to these burning issues. Even in these global challenges we want to find local solutions. For the people of Sikkim we will continue to work for the social security and social justice through equality of measures. State’s local food production will be enhanced to ensure food security.

Rights and dignity to women:
Our government has granted full political, social, economic and educational rights to the women. Today women are fully conscious in Sikkim. They have moved ahead in all fields at par with their male counterparts. Women have been freed from traditional bondage and are given freedom to develop their talents and potential. The SDF government is the only government which is committed to liberate and empower women in society. We have earned this distinction. Policy of empowering women shall continue in our next government as well which will translate in affirmative action for the women.

On whose side are we?
It is the SDF Government which started to give Post Birth financial relief to the poor women. Maternity leave increase to three months is also the SDF Government’s concrete action.

Women-child welfare scheme:
Our government has adopted certain schemes for the welfare of women and children to ensure disease-free society in the state. Through undertaking various welfare measures, we shall make our future generation healthy and strong. At the time we assumed power, the infant Mortality Rate was 72 per 1000. We have now brought down the figure to 39 per 1000.
Next term we will ensure that it is less than 30 per 1000. This policy will be taken on a war footing to ensure health for all and especially for the coming generation.

Welfare Commission for senior citizens:
Our government has ensured dignity grant from Rs. 100 to Rs. 400 and also increased the number of beneficiaries by many fold. In the coming government, the rate of Old Age Pension shall be increased to Rs. 5000. We shall continue to provide for free traveling to the senior citizens in the state-owned buses.

Winter Allowance to the old:
A 3-month special winter allowance shall be given to the older citizens of the state to cope with harsh winter condition.

‘We respect you’ grant to continue:
We have instituted the ‘we respect you’ grant for the Sikkimese people above 70 years of age. We will continue to give this grant in the future.

Felicitation of senior citizens:
Our government is committed to bring about all-round development of the Sikkimese people. We are working hard to achieve our target. However, our government has also paid handsome tribute and felicitated all he senior citizens who contributed their might for building Sikkimese society to its present status. We have begun the process of recognizing their contributions and felicitate them in equal measure. Our government will further consolidate on this tradition in the future as well.

Protection and respect to the Old Business Community of Sikkim:
The SDF Government has given respect and justice to the old business people of sikkim along with the rest of the Sikkimese communities. This community which has contributed a great deal to the overall development of Sikkim has been recognized for the fist time by our Government. They have also been given dignity, respect and rights to live and practice their business in the State. We will continue and ensure that our business community members receive this respect and positive business environment. In addition to other facilities and rights provided to our business community it is the SDF Government which has for the first time provided higher education facilities (quota) for their children. This will also continue. They do not have to face any obstruction, disrespect or difficulty in carrying on their business and exercising their fundamental rights.

Guest House for ex-MLAs:
A Guest House, with facility of in-house offices shall be built at Gangtok for the benefit of ex-employees.

Guest House for ex-employees:
A Guest House, with facility of in-house offices shall be built at Gangtok for the benefit of ex-employees.

Guest House for ex-Panchayats:
A Guest House shall be constructed for the benefit of all the ex-panchayats in the state.

Parents’ Home:
The government shall also construct a parent’s home at Gangtok. All elderly parents from any part of the state can come to Gangtok and stay at the home free of cost.

Appreciation grant o dedicated professionals:
Appreciation grant shall be given to Sikkimese professionals who would continue with their service even after retirement.

Adarsh Ghar puraskaar:
Adarsh Ghar puraskaar shall also be given to ideal family who would keep their house neat, clean and beautiful.

Ensuring Social justice:
The SDF government has established social justice in the state. The interest and human rights of all castes, communities and all classes of people have been guaranteed. We have given full justice to the weak, disadvantaged section of the people.
In our next government, we will continue to give justice to the exploited and marginalized people of the state.

Protection to physically challenged citizens:
Our government has provided special protection to the physically challenged citizens in terms of immediate welfare measures and seat reservation to them in government employment. We will continue with our program to provide additional welfare measures.

Abolition of bonded labour and child labour:
On order to destroy the monopoly of the affluent classes and the oppressors, we have to ensure empowerment of our poor and marginalized people. Hence, our primary concern is to ensure the economic development and political consciousness of our poor citizens. Together with empowerment, we have to improve their social condition through creation of various means and opportunities.
This we will accomplish. Through this various ways and means, we will abolish the inhuman practices of bonded labour and child labour from the soil of Sikkim.

AIDS and Drugs Free Sikkim:
Our Government is taking all necessary steps to make Sikkim an AIDS and Drug free State in the country. Innovative measures will be taken to enhance the efforts towards this end. Awareness programs, counseling and stringent legal measures are being taken up by the Government to eradicate this social disease from Sikkim.
We will continue with enhanced conviction and energy in the next term.

Prohibition of drugs abuse:
The government will keep youth away from drugs and narcotics to maintain peaceful environment and tradition of the state. Our government will provide creative opportunity to engage them in gainful enterprises.

Protection of Democratic Institutions

The SDF Party has fully respected the democratic institutions in the State. This principle will continue to be a guiding one. Democratic institutions that strengthen the democratic process will be protected and strengthened.

Establishment of modern media centre:
Our Government established the Press club. We shall build a modern Media Centre for the state which we shall also provide premises for the Press Club of Sikkim.

The development of the profession of Journalism:
Our government shall give all support to improve the quality of journalism in the state. We shall sponsor our educated youth for training to reputed institution in Journalism.

Annual media award:
We shall institute annual media award for best practice of journalism and media. They will also be given financial support.

Advertisement budget:
The advertisement budget will be increased further by double.

Appointment of Ombudsman:
The State will also appoint an ombudsman (chosen from the civil society or any eminent personality) to look into the complaints of people against the press and media.

Urban Development Strategy

All the urban centres in Sikkim will be upgraded, beautified and modernized to reflect the world class stature. All these centres will be endowed with modern amenities. Using world class architects and consultants we will make the blueprints to see that we build high tech shopping malls and trading centres. These will be developed into model urban centres.

Urban Homeless to be provided with homes:
Sikkim’s urban housing problems will be solved by creation of an Urban Housing Board. We will take the consultation of experts from all over the world to make this happen.

Town plan development:
To develop well-planned towns in Sikkim, we will set up Shopping Centre, Taxi and Bus parking and other facilities at the sub-division level. This will bring planned development beginning with small towns and markets.

Wholesale vegetable mandi in urban centres:
For proper upkeep of urban areas and for the benefit of the people, vegetable stall be established in each market. This will also provide an easy outlet for the locally-produced vegetable in the state.

Elections to urban bodies:
For further development of the urban areas and for proper upkeep of our town, elections to municipalities shall be held in all the notified bazaars and in Gangtok elections to the Municipal Corporations shall be held in the next government.
Our government will further arrange for better supply of quality potable water and electricity to all markets.

Development of model urban market:
All modern facilities will be provided in the urban areas and markets. Our government will develop all markets into model markets. Beautification of markets shall be undertaken. Proper steps shall be taken for laying of better sewerage system in the towns.

Fly-over bridges for pedestrians and pedestranization:
Our Government has made good progress in pedestranisation of the city of Gangtok. This is a model example for the nation. We have done this to ensure that our pedestrians are not hampered due to the increase in the traffic congestion in the city. The main beneficiaries are the school students.
We will continue to build more such amenities wherever needed.

Smoking in Public Places is banned:
As pr the National law and directive the smoking in public places is fully banned and implemented.

New Delhi will have ‘Little Sikkim (Sikkim town)’:
Our Government will establish a Sikkim Town or Little Sikkim at Greater Kailash in New Delhi. This will be a place whwer Sikkimese products and produce will be made available to the New Delhi residents. They will get Sikkimese taste and flavour through our cuisine, get to buy our handicrafts and produce and experience our hospitality. This will also be a place which will enable our Tourism agents to market their tourism products.

Guest Houses for Medical Patients in South Extension, New Delhi:
A 29 Room House has been purchased by our Government to fulfill the long standing demand of patients who regularly visit New Delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and other major hospitals. This will indeed fulfill a major gap and facilitate our needy people. All the rooms are fitted with air conditioning for the comfort of our people. The rent will be subsidized.

Guest Houses for Pilgrimage for Buddhist Devotees:
We already have built a wonderful place in Bodh Gaya for our Buddhist Devotees. We will build another one at Sarnath so that the entire pilgrimage centres are covered. We will also see that they are better administered for the benefit of the pilgrims.

Guest Houses in Kolkata, Bangalore, Vellore and Mumbai:
We already have a good guest house in Kolkata in Middleton Street. We have another one coming up in the Salt Lake City. We will complete this one.
We are planning to build or guest houses in Bangalore, Vellore and Mumbai in the next term.
All this is being done since more and more of our people are traveling to these cities for education, medical reasons and tourism. This will facilitate their visits as well as they become a home away from home. We will ensure that all these places are kept clean and managed well for the comfort of our people.

Rule of Law (Janta Raj Ma Jantai Raja)

In the area of maintaining law and order and maintaining peace, the Sikkim state is the number one State in the Nation which has been duly established. Our Government has ensured that Sikkim is fully secured and safe. This positive mechanism will be maintained in the coming term by the SDF Government.

Legal regime shall be strengthened:
Rule of law in the state has been strengthened and institutionalized. There is no law and order problem in the State. Crime rate in Sikkim is the lowest ever in the entire country. We have set up Lok Adalats to deliver justice at the doorsteps of every Sikkimese people. We have set up Atrocity Court, consumer’s Court, Human Rights Court, Family Court, Women’s commission etc. in the state.

Right to Information fully implemented:
The SDF Government is fully aware of the need to provide transparency in Governance. The Right information to the people is one of the basic principles of democracy. Toward this end all infrastructure and processes have been put in place. The people’s right to information is a tenet fully respected by the SDF Party and we will spare no effort to ensure that the Government systems are strengthened to give the information in a speedy and effective manner to the public at large.

Free legal aid to the poor:
Our government has also made arrangement to provide free legal aid to economically poor citizens. Legal awareness programs have been initiated which have reached the doorstep of the people even in remote areas. This program will be further strengthened in the next term.

Legal Infrastructure:
Together with maintenance of all existing infrastructures, our government shall further create additional legal infrastructure for the benefit of the people. Under the SDF Government some districts have been provided with new Judicial Court Building. We will be constructing such facilities in all the left over districts.

Easy access to legal remedies:
Our government shall further press the Judiciary to make all legal aids easily available and help people through quick disposal of cases.


In our sovereign country nationalism’s connotation is for a citizen to contribute in the progress and prosperity of the nation. Nationalism in my opinion is to build a secure and strong and prosperous capable nation. Therefore self rule and sovereign nation building, is related to overall development of nationalism. Today the challenges faced by a nation due to outside forces in conjunction with internal elements gives a different colour to nationalism.

There is no threat from outside forces in geographical and political terms. So every citizen’s duty is to contribute toward the overall development of the nation. In order to remove all the difficulties from society we have to make work our passion. Knowledge and technology must be adopted and used. Economic freedom and progress is the main force and we need to work to make the country an economic superpower. Therefore nationalism is defined by one who is continuously giving time and effort in this direction.

This is the new perspective on nationalism and the coming generations must reflect on this. Sikkim and Sikkimese people must understand this new perspective and align with this at all times to foster a greater sense of nationalism.
Pawan Chamling
The Sikkim Democratic front Party

Water Security

According to scientists and other intellectuals, the greatest challenge of the 21st Century is going to be scarcity of water. Climate change is already upon us and indicated by the loss in production of food and severe water shortage in many part of the globe indeed within India as well. This has resulted in huge economic challenge which is evident. One of the fall outs of global warming on the sacred Himalayan region is the depletion of glacial water stock. It is melting faster and faster. SDF Party has started working responsibly to tackle this huge challenge at the local level. Our President, Dr. Pawan Chamling, ha contributed immensely in many international forums on climate change and water scarcity issues.

Our Party will continue to be seized of these important issues of water scarcity and will work toward solving this for Sikkimese people.

Water harvesting and conservation programs will be taken up. We have to encourage and inspire our people towards this end. Each household will be educated on the issue of use and conservation of water.

The Himalayan region does not have presently a shortage of quality water. Even then our people must understand that clean water can lead to better quality of life and health. For this we must rise up to the challenges and do all we can to ensure conservation of our biodiversity which in the first place gives us the eater we use everyday.

Environmental Security

Sikkim is a part of one of the greatest biodiversity hotspots of the world. We have given top priority toward protection of the plora and fauna, wildlife, forest and othe natural resources in our State. In addition to this we are giving protection to mrdicinal plants, lakes, rivers etc. and to keep it more natural. In order to preserve the ecosystem the farming systems will have to be modified suitably to become more natural and organic. Even in the development work we will minimize the carbon foot print which will make development more eco-friendly. This will ensure a balance between man and the environment. We have to move from a materialism development paradigm to one which is totally eco friendly in order to bring about the balance that we will take even to the classrooms. This form of education of our young minds will ensure sustainability. All our programs and policies will take the environmental impact into consideration during time of formulation and design.

As part of the past legacy, the Government in its next term shall pursue our green goal with renewed zest and energy by ensuring full-proof protection of all our rich biodiversity, forest areas, all wildlife both terrestrial and aquatic, arthopoda and avifauna. Ban on felling of green trees, grazing, use of non-biodegradable materials shall be as usual strictly enforced. Coupled with massive afforestation drive under different innovative projects like Smriti Ban and Green Mission initiatives, we will continue to make significant contribution in the environmental conservation of the eastern Himalayan region of the country.

Sikkim has become the fist ever State in the country to constitute Glacier commission under the chairmanship pf Prof. S.I. Hasnain. The Commission will undertake scientific study on the environmental changes taking place in the State. We will significantly contribute towards realizing the goal of the centre with regard to Eight Missions spelt out under the National Mission Plan to tackle climate changes challenges.
In the area of Waste Management, we will improve upon our experience through increased jhora training work, river training work including river course development. We have already initiated organic farming practices in the State to do away with the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. As part of the clean Development Mechanism (CDM) widely discussed by climate experts today, we are also already on our way to achieve 100 percent organic certification for all our products and our practices which will be clean and environment-friendly. At a more psychological level, we will prepare our people mentally to adopt environmentally sustainable development measures in the State.

Human Security

Human security has emerged as a huge issue in the world today especially after the global economic downturn. Human life and existence is being threatened from all directions and evidence of this is seen in Africa. This has resulted in a serious challenge for human existence. The SDF Party is seized of these global challenges and phenomenon. On our part our endeavour is to work at the local level to address this issue. We are working towards guaranteeing for our citizens a civilized and liberated human life Our Government today has ensured that all communities and classes of people are fully secure to live in dignity in a State full of opportunity and where rule of law prevails. Every citizen of our Society if fully empowered to live in an environment which allows her to prosper and fulfill her aspirations. Consequently it has provided the people of Sikkim the opportunity to be proud of the emerging living standards. Even though there are such global concerns our work and policies have ensured that the Sikkimese people are protected and free from these challenges. Our Government has set an example and direction as a solution for these global challenges. Our Government has set an example and direction as a solution for these global challenges which results in deep human insecurity. We will continue to struggle against such challenges which results in deep human insecurity. We will continue to struggle against such challenges and also give leadership in the interest of the people of Sikkim.

Food Security

In a world where food security has become a major issue the Sikkimese people are living very well. However, there is a serious challenge to our own food security issues. We are dependent on imports at this time. We will have to make our people more self-reliant in food production leading to food security at the local level. We have to use high technology to increase productivity since the cultivable land is very limited. In our traditional way of farming we have applied new methodology to increase the yield of food production. We are giving priority to distribution of seeds, cash crops and training to our farmers. All these measures will certainly allow our farmers to adapt and produce more food in an environmentally friendly way.

Health Security

It is well said that good health is wealth indeed. Our people’s good health has to be maintained and programs toward this end needs further strengthening. This is the pillar for economic and other forms of progress. Importance of the aforesaid statement should be practiced in our day to day life. Educating our people, taking preventive measures, adequate medical facilities prior to birth and after birth, and medical facilities access throughout life is to be given. Such like programs have been taken up in order to ensure total high quality health of our citizens.

Social Security

Our Party President has always maintained that if society is weak, each individual and every caste/community with be weak. Therefore, to strengthen our society would mean making every caste/community stronger. The same principle and related program shall be further strengthened and institutionalized in the next term of this government. During the last fifteen years, our government has adequately developed the regional language, literature, culture and tradition belonging to different people following different faiths. In the next term of our government, the same program will be further consolidated so that no person or caste or community legs behind due to the accident of his/her birth and her circumstances.

Peace Security

We the sikkimese are perhaps the rare breed of human being who are in an advantageous position to develop peace in the State and in the country. The SDF Government does recognize the need for further development of peace in the Country. The SDF Government will continue to promote Sikkim as the peace maker State. With over 200 terrorists outfit in the country, Sikkim has the distinction to have none. The crime rate in Sikkim is the lowest in the country.

Peace, however, does not and will not come on a platter. The SDF Government has worked steadfastly to keep peace even in the face of extreme provocation. We have firmly promoted democratic values in the State with each citizen enjoying full freedom and rights as provided under the Constitution.

In any case, Sikkim’s security is our No. 1 agenda and peace that prevails in State has greatly enhanced the sense of security amongst the population.

Women and child right Security

The SDF Government has already created history in the area of women empowerment and granting their due in a given society. The same will be further consolidated in the next term of government. The SDF Government shall make our women folks the equal stakeholder in every sphere of State development journey. Excise licence to run shops shall be issued in the name of the female members also. Similarly, child rights security shall be given topmost priority in the State. All privilege and opportunities shall be granted to the children in the State at par with best facilities available in developed countries for child’s development.

A Statistical Profile 2006-07 Department of Economics Statistics Monitoring & Evaluation


In our sovereign country nationalism’s connotation is for a citizen to contribute in the progress and prosperity of the nation. Nationalism in my opinion is to build a secure and strong and prosperous capable nation. Therefore self rule and sovereign nation building, is related to overall development of nationalism. Today the challenges faced by a nation due to outside forces in conjunction with internal elements gives a different colour to nationalism.

There is no threat from outside forces in geographical and political terms. So every citizen’s duty is to contribute towards the overall economic development of the nation. In order to remove all the difficulties from society we have to make this work our passion. Knowledge and technology must be adopted and used. Our freedom and progress is the main force we need use to make our country an economic superpower. Therefore nationalism is defined as one who is continuously giving time and effort in this direction.

This is the new perspective on a nationalism and the coming generations must reflect on this. Sikkim and Sikkimese people must understand this new perspective and align with this at all times to foster a greater sense of nationalism.

Pawan Chamling
The Sikkim Democratic Front Party
March 2009.

“I am before you all, my respected fellow citizens, in all humility and would like to reiterate that my political ideology and philosophy is not just to win the elections and to garner your support. Politics is a platform for positive societal transformation. I am present in the political arena with my core political ideology which is to create better opportunities and future for all our citizens especially our youth. Ensuring, alongside for the people supreme freedom, prosperity, peace and happiness. This is my ultimate and honest mission. I am fully confident of your continued support

Pawan Chamling.