PS Golay undermined Legislative Assembly’s sanctity, says SDF

PS Golay undermined Legislative Assembly’s sanctity, says SDF

Gangtok: The ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party has slammed its dissident legislator Prem Singh Golay for tarnishing the prestige of Sikkim Legislative Assembly by his activities on the last three days of Budge Session which concluded on June 29.

Golay’s behaviour was anti-democratic and undermined the Assembly’s sanctity as he only vented his political frustrations instead of debating on the Governor’s address and the budget which carried interest of the people, said the ruling front in a press release issued by spokesperson Shri Bhim Dahal on June 29.

The SDF pointed out that Golay did not attend Assembly sessions for 3 years and 2 months and left the people of his Upper Burtuk constituency ‘stranded’. All those including the media who witnessed the Budget Session clearly saw that Golay had attended the session only to record his personal political disappointments, said the press release. The ruling Front maintained that the Speaker, honouring the democratic traditions to the end, had allowed Golay to speak on June 26 and 27 even though he digressed from the agenda. Where one should have spoken on the interests of the people and Sikkim developments, Golay placed in the Assembly unwanted and personal statements on why he is dissatisfied, it said.

In the SDF release it is noted that all members of the Assembly had been granted 15 minutes each by the Speaker on June 27 to discuss on the budget. Golay exceeded the time limit and gave political statements based on unsubstantiated facts only. After completing his outburst, Golay exited from the Assembly and before this, he did not express any protest of not being allowed to speak and also did not announce that he was staging a walkout, the SDF said. Outside the Assembly, Golay made statements to the media that he was not allowed to speak and overlooking their own observations, media also published same statements, the release said.

The Speaker has viewed this matter as a breach of privilege which must be evaluated by a democratic society, the ruling front said. It is clear that Golay is attempting to use the Assembly proceedings as his political tool by making false statements against the Assembly rules and prestige, it said.

SDF has also endorsed the action taken by the Speaker to suspend Golay on June 28.

Courtesy English Daily “SIKKIM REPORTER”.

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